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Bridgerton: 5 Most Romantic Quotes From The Show

Bridgerton is the fresh modern take on period drama series. Forget the outdated language and old-fashioned manners because this show gives a spicy twist to the Regency era. It mixes the traditional historical drama settings with modern manners, making the characters more relatable than ever.

From Lady Whistledown’s grandiloquent gossips to Simon Basset’s passionate confessions, this powerful Netflix drama is peppered with quotes that will fill your hearts with ache for love and yearning.

“Everything I Told The Queen Was True. I Cannot Stop Thinking Of You. From The Mornings You Ease, To The Evenings You Quiet, To The Dreams You Inhabit, My Thoughts Of You Never End. I Am Yours, Daphne. I Have Always Been Yours.”— Simon Basset

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The Duke started out dismissing his true feelings for Daphne but after quite some time, the young man has softened up. When Daphne admitted her burning passion for Simon, the lad confessed that she has taken over his heart and mind.

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The then reserved Simon finally gives in and admits his true sentiments to Daphne and opens up his heart to accept the love that he once promised to stay away from. This line sparked so much romance between them.

“To Meet A Beautiful Woman Is One Thing, But To Meet Your Best Friend In The Most Beautiful Of Women Is Something Entirely Apart.” — Simon Basset

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Never in Simon’s wildest dreams did he plan to fall in love with any woman, let alone Daphne. But with her, he finally found someone he would want to define the word ‘marriage’ with.


They were rather under a lot of pressure but Simon managed to make the Queen agree to their union when he confessed that they share a strong bond of friendship that no one can ever break.

“I Love All Of You. Even The Parts That You Believe Are Too Dark And Too Shameful. Every Scar, Every Flaw, Every Imperfection. I Love You.” — Daphne Bridgerton

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To love is to accept someone’s past, flaws, and all. For Daphne, it was what made Simon a more lovable person. She loved him for who he is and who he was, and for that, they made a unique love story that only the two of them could truly share.

“All Is Fair In Love And War But Some Battles Leave No Victor, Only A Trail Of Broken Hearts That Makes Us Wonder If The Price We Pay Is Ever Worth The Fight.” — Lady Whistledown

Lady Whistledown

Lady Whistledown’s omnipresence in the show gave a rather interesting touch to the story because everyone in London seems to focus on marriage. Her views about love and relationships are always on point, not to mention she can see through everyone.

The Ones We Love Have The Power To Inflict The Greatest Scars. For What Thing Is More Fragile Than The Human Heart? The Brighter A Lady Shines, The Faster She May Burn.” — Lady Whistledown

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There are a lot of words of wisdom that come from this show. Even though most of them are about relationships, they are all universally applicable to anyone regardless of social status or rank. Lady Whistledown’s literary prowess is certainly her greatest strength.

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