Bridgerton Season 3: Things Will Get Messy For Lady Whistledown

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Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 2 wrapped up Anthony and Kate’s story yet revealed a more exciting plot for the upcoming third part. Penelope Featherington, also known as Lady Whistledown, will do everything to protect her identity.

Bridgerton Penelope Nicola Coughlan
Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington from Netflix’s Bridgerton

Lady Whistledown has been London’s go-to for the latest gossip in town, particularly the elite and respected families. In the first and second seasons, we saw how the lady newsmonger manipulated the entire city, even the Queen, by revealing scandalous intelligence.

Penelope’s anonymous identity as Lady Whistledown will only bring more chaos into the lives of the people close to her. As the story develops and secrets unfold, people from her inner circle will only become more eager to find out who the writer is behind those scandalous sheets.


Bridgerton Season 3 Will Be Penelope And Colin’s Story

Bridgerton Colin and Penelope
Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton and Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington

More complications will arise in the third installment once it focuses on Penelope and Colin Bridgerton’s relationship. Her friendship with Eloise Bridgerton will be at stake as well, now that the latter found out her dark secret.

Because of this, Penelope will have to take every considerable action to keep her anonymity. Despite creating enemies, including the Queen, she will not hold back and let her legacy die. Lady Whistledown will continue sharpening her pencil because she likes it – the drama, the gossip – she lives for it.

Penelope has always been a wallflower, a nobody at parties. By assuming Lady Whistledown’s persona, everybody looks at her, waits for her, and listens to her. And despite Colin hurting her feelings at the end of Season 2 by declaring he has no plans of courting her, Penelope would still want to keep her closeness with him.

Bridgerton Lady Whistledown
Lady Whistledown Society Papers

More exciting happenings await the town of London, and the elites will have to prepare themselves. Just like what Lady Whistledown said:

Perhaps I will come forward one day. Though you must know dear reader, that decision shall be left entirely up to me.”


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