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Brie Larson’s Viral Post Leaks Marvel’s Boss Kevin Feige’s Massive Plan For MCU Phase 5?

Brie Larson's Viral Post Leaks Marvel's Boss Kevin Feige's Massive Plan For MCU Phase 5

After the respite that was Phase Four, turns out the entire Marvel family is buzzing at the peripheries for something to happen. Although sensational events are yet to come, the MCU actors have taken it upon themselves to keep the fandom fed until a major production lands at the theatres. Recently, Brie Larson was seen spending some quality time with Eternals director, Chloé Zhao, by the sea. And a moment as simplistic and peaceful as this has spent the fans spinning into a never-ending cycle of whimsical theorizing as to what it could mean for MCU and the events to come.

Captain Marvel (2019)
Captain Marvel (2019)

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Brie Larson and Chloé Zhao Spend Time By the Sea

The protagonist of Captain Marvel and the director of the Phase Four film, Eternals, spending time on the beach doing simply nothing except swinging against a beautiful backdrop seems to be a bit too good to be true. The popular belief at the moment is that Brie Larson and Chloé Zhao have been spending some time away from the hullabaloo of the city to mind-meld ideas for their upcoming project(s).

Chloé Zhao with Richard Madden on Eternals set
Chloé Zhao with Richard Madden on Eternals set

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Although no reports have yet been released about a possible Captain Marvel 2 or even an Eternals 2, the two MCU personalities in the same frame together have awoken the hopes of the fandom for something major to come. Whether Kevin Feige’s plans for Phase Five include a cross-over event between Carol Danvers and the beings that we have now become acquainted with as the Eternals is to be determined.


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However, Zhao and Larson are known to be quite close friends, and their spending some time together by the sea shouldn’t raise green flags for the fandom.

Brie Larson & Chloé Zhao Team-Up Might Not Happen Soon

The MCU is busy leading up to the events of Kang the Conqueror’s arrival on Earth-616, alongside the entry of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Among such heavy-hitting projects taking precedence in Feige’s MCU chronology, it seems unlikely that an event as massive as an Eternals and Captain Marvel crossover could take place somewhere along the narrative.

Brie Larson
Brie Larson

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Moreover, Brie Larson is already busy with The Marvels which will witness Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel teaming up with Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau. The film is set to work with an interplanetary plot that witnesses the superhero’s role across the galaxy, solving one of the primary mysteries haunting the fandom since the Endgame era: where was Carol Danvers during the events of the Infinity War?

Phase Five is set to establish Jonathan Majors’s Kang the Conqueror and build him up as the big bad of the upcoming Multiverse Saga.

The Marvels is set to premiere theatrically on 28 July 2023.

Source: Instagram | Chloé Zhao

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