Brilliant MCU Easter Eggs In The Original Iron Man Movie We All Missed

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This is where it all began. The original MCU movie – Iron Man, gave birth to world’s most profitable franchise. Here are some Iron Man Easter eggs we bet you never knew.


The 1966 Iron Man Animated Series Theme Song

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1966 Series

In the opening casino scene as well as Rhodey’s flip phone had a very familiar theme song. That song is taken directly from the classic 1966 Iron Man animated series cartoon show. It was a genius Easter egg and a callback to the life nd times of Iron Man before he became a global phenomenon. This Easter egg is a blink and you miss it kind of scene so watch and listen very carefully.


The Spider-Man Easter Egg We All Missed

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Spider-Man Easter Egg

In 2008, we were not even sure if there could even be a Marvel Cinematic universe, let alone a Spider-Man movie. The movie rights were held by Sony then who were about to release The Amazing Spider-Man franchise a few years later. But Iron Man did have a Spider-Man Easter egg. Christine Everhart, the reporter who ends up sleeping with Tony Stark, has her comic book origins within Daily Bugle. Everhart worked for the newspaper publication when she debuted in the comics in 2004.

The Suit He Made In The Cave Is His Actual Original Suit From The Comics

The Cave Suit

In the depths of the desert, Tony Stark and Yinsen joined forces to make the first ever Iron man armored suit. The suit helped Tony Stark escape the Ten Rings. Tony ditches the suit the second he gets his hands on advanced tech and goes for a new design. The first suit he wears into action in the movie is actually the original Iron Man comic book suit Tony Stark debuted in as a superhero.


The Mad Money Man

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Mad Money

The show Mad Money With Jim Cramer did make an appearance in the 2008 movie. Little do people across the world know that Mad Money with Jim Cramer is an actual show in the real world. The show is about the stock market and still continues to air on CNBC. It actually is quite successful.

The All Gold Mark 3 Iron Man Armor

ironman 00015
Gold Armor

When we think of Iron Man suits of armor, the two colors that pop into our heads are red and gold. But when Tony first started redesigning the suit, he created an all gold armor. After he did not like the design, he added the hot rod red color into it. The original golden suit design was clearly a reference to Tony’s “Model 1 Mark III” armor from the comic books.


The Whiplash Reference We All Missed

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Source: Disney

Whiplash, played by Mickey Rourke, made his live action debut in Iron Man 2. But the supervillain had already been referenced in the 2008 movie. The two fighter jets sent to deal with the “unidentified bogey” (aka Iron Man) were codenamed Whiplash One and Whiplash Two. The villain ended up being the primary antagonist in the sequel.

Captain America’s Shield In Tony’s Garage

ironman 00018
Cap’s Shield In The Background (To The Left)

This is a very quick and short scene and only eagle eyed fans would be able to spot it. A disassembled version of Captain America’s shield is in Iron Man’s workbench in his home’s basement garage. You can spot it when Pepper is trying to meet him while Tony is trying to get the suit off of him.


The Roxxon Corporation Easter Egg In Iron Man

roxxon building iron man.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1

Roxxon is an evil conglomerate with a global presence in the oil trade business. The company is infamous for consorting with known criminals and supervillains in Marvel Comics. The company was referenced in the movie. The latest Easter egg was in the Loki series.


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