Bringing Back One Allegedly Canceled Halo Game as Xbox Exclusive Can Fill That Helldivers 2 Shaped Hole in Our Hearts

Did Xbox make a mistake cancelling this Halo spin-off game?

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  • Helldivers 2 has taken the gaming world by storm despite not being available for Xbox gamers.
  • While Helldivers 2 might eventually make its way to Xbox platforms, one of the canceled Halo games might have been what Xbox gamers needed.
  • The cancelled Halo spin-off was a Battle Royale game that would've allowed the Halo franchise to branch out into other genres.
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It’s been more than two months since Helldivers 2’s arrival on the market, and in that time frame, it has managed to gather a stable and consistent player count. There’s a huge thriving community at the heart of this Arrowhead live-service game despite not being on Xbox. While rumors suggest that it might eventually make it to Xbox, there’s another title that, if brought back, can fill in the void: Halo Battle Royale.


Several promising Halo projects have been developing in the last couple of years that we’ve barely heard about. One of them was a Battle Royale game set in the Halo universe, which Certain Affinity was supposed to develop. However, the long-rumored Battle Royale game was canceled before it could be revealed.

The Halo Battle Royale Game That Got Canceled Before Official Reveal

Hallo Battle Royale game could’ve been what Mircosoft needed to counter Helldivers 2. | Xbox

While the Halo franchise might’ve made a comeback with Halo Infinite, things are still looking grim. The game wasn’t received well by the fans, ultimately leading to mass layoffs at 343 industries. Alongside the main Halo games, Xbox was planning to bring other projects into the mix, including a Battle Royale game codenamed Project Tatanka. 


The project was initially reported on back in April 2022. Last year, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed that Certain Affinity’s project had “evolved” into other directions after initially starting as a Battle Royale game. However, back in January 2024, reputable gaming insider Shepshal_Nick talked about the Battle Royale game during an episode of the XboxEra podcast and revealed that it was canceled.

Shpeshal_Nick discussed the rumor and various reports that the project was canceled and confirmed that the other people on the podcast have also heard about it. They then speculated whether it was canceled or shelved, with Speshal_Nick stating that it’s unlikely the project will ever see the light of day again.

However, it’s worth remembering that Scherier’s old reports revealed that the Battle Royale game had “evolved” into something else completely. So, there’s a chance that whatever the developers were working on might eventually be released.


Will Helldivers 2 Release on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Consoles?

Helldivers 2 might be released on Xbox consoles soon. | Steam

Recent rumors from The XboxEra Podcast suggest that Helldivers 2 could orbital drop on Xbox consoles. During the podcast “Rumormill” segment, Speshal_Nick claimed that he heard from his sources that Sony is in “preliminary talks” with Microsoft to bring Helldivers 2 to Xbox Consoles.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just rumors. There’s no guarantee that this might happen, so fans should keep their expectations in check if things don’t work out. In the last few months, we’ve seen Microsoft porting over its Xbox exclusives to other platforms. If Microsoft can do it, Sony might too. 


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