Broly Can Bring Back and Master Goku’s Most Painfully Overpowered Non-Canon Super Saiyan Transformation for Dragon Ball Super

Goku's SSJ4 form from Dragon Ball GT could be resurrected by Broly!

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  • Broly became a part of the Dragon Ball canon in 2018 after he was featured in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.
  • Only Broly can bring back the SSJ4 transformation because, unlike Goku or Vegeta, he possesses a tail that can allow him to transform into the Great Ape.
  • Dragon Ball GT was full of problems, as a rap song featuring only Goku in the limelight could not be from fans' hate.
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When Akira Toriyama decided to make Broly a part of the canon series in 2018, after a standalone film, fans of the series were thrilled as the character was quite popular in the franchise. Though the character has been only part of three films in the past, its popularity is immense and it can even rival someone from the canon series.

Broly in The Legendary Super Saiyan Form
Broly in The Legendary Super Saiyan Form

The Saiyan was originally introduced as a villain in the franchise, but has now joined the Z-Fighters and is training on Lord Beerus’ planet like fans saw in Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes. However, Toriyama-Sensei did not decide to introduce the anti-hero because he was popular in the fandom. This is so because Broly can be solely responsible for bringing back Kakarot’s SSJ4 transformation from Dragon Ball GT, which was lost as a non-canon form.

Broly Can Make The Overpowered Super Saiyan 4 Transformation a Part of Dragon Ball Canon

The non-canon Dragon Ball GT has been often pushed away from the canon series of Akira Toriyama. Though it started off as a promising series without the creative direction of the mangaka of the original show, it soon culminated into a series full of problems and disregarding the rules set by the prior series.

A still from Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)
Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Moreover, the series’ animators were getting lazy as the show progressed because there were numerous instances, where the drawings of the characters were horribly bad. However, the show was not full of problems because it featured some original ideas, one of them being Goku and Vegeta’s overpowered Super Saiyan 4 transformation. 

The form was like a perfect evolution of a Saiyan as it synthesized the power of the Great Ape with the user, covering them in fur and allowing them to use the Ape Form’s power without losing control. Needless to say, there was an immense rise in power of both Saiyans, making them equivalent to SSJ God form or even above it.

Goku in SSJ4 transformation in Dragon Ball GT
Goku in SSJ4 transformation in Dragon Ball GT

However, the form was forgotten as time progressed as time marched forward. But with Dragon Ball Super, and making The Legendary Saiyan a part of the canon series.


It is believed that the form can become a part of the canon series, and unlike Kakarot or Vegeta, this form will be exclusive to Broly.

Crucial Reasons Made Fans Hate On Dragon Ball GT

Before we proceed any further, not everyone disliked Toei Animation’s Dragon Ball GT, as it featured some iconic moments and ideas in the show. The series came hot as DBZ would end and it felt quite promising in the first few episodes of the anime.

Toei Animation's Dragon Ball GT
A still from Dragon Ball GT

However, it did not take long for the show to get on the nerves of its viewers. ScreenRant shares a number of reasons, where they talked about the show being so bad and one of the reasons being a rap opening that was mediocre in nature, and compared to the iconic DBZ opening, the opening was at best a 4 out of 10.


To add to the problems of the animethe Dragon Ball franchise is renowned for its memorable fights and epic battles. In Dragon Ball GT it was absenta majority of the fights can be described as dull or mediocre. Furthermore, Toei Animation decided to push away every character except Goku to the side, as he was the main character.

Dragon Ball GT – Baby
Baby Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT

Fans got bored of watching the protagonist in action as there was plenty of room to feature other characters in a fight. But what finally put off the viewers of Dragon Ball GT was how Omega Shenron, the series’ most powerful villain was one of the worst-written characters, he was merely scary and a threat to the world.

This made the fans hate the non-canon series to such an extent that they decided to cut off the series from their memories and forget it.


Dragon Ball GT can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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