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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 5 Favorite Storylines Based On Reddit

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a wholesome and fun-filled sitcom about New York’s finest detectives and police officers. Each episode is full of witty banters, crazy plots, and just overall entertainment. Some stories are heartwarming, too, which perfectly give this show a well-balanced mix of humor and inspiration.

From spooky heists to rivalry feuds, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a lot of absolutely memorable subplots. Note that these story arcs recur every season, and they are presented with a new angle. Fans over Reddit share their most favorite storylines from the show:

Halloween Heist

Jake-Peralta-Captain-Holt- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Halloween heist is a traditional office game where each player tries to outsmart everyone by keeping the token safe in their hands and not letting anyone steal it. The fun part here is that everyone seems to be always a step ahead.

This game is Reddit user Guillybaby’s favorite part of the series. It shows how competitive everyone can get and how obsessed they are with winning. But the best thing in this competition is that they learn to accept defeat in a healthy way.

Holt Versus Wuntch

Madeline Wuntch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

There is never a dull scene between Captain Raymond Holt and his arch-nemesis, Madeline Wuntch. They always try to outdo each other, and even bring out their worst traits. Reddit user Suonii180 says “anything with Wuntch” is a great Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.

Somehow Wuntch’s presence in the show adds a little extra spice and that gives enough pressure for the whole team. Despite their seemingly endless competitions, she managed to motivate Holt to become the best version of himself. That earns him the merit of his well-deserved position.

Adrian Pimento

Adrian Pimento Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As weird and rascal as he is, Adrian Pimento is a constant fan favorite from the show. His way of life is a little bit unorganized but that’s what makes him appealing to the audience. Reddit user kubla_han says “Pimento Memento was clever.” Indeed, he’s a smart guy because he always gets himself out of jail every time.

Aside from all the chaos in his world, he was also engaged to Rosa Diaz, one of Precinct 99’s best detectives. They are quite a strange couple, and that’s already given.

Jake And Doug Judy

Jake Peralta Doug Judy Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake’s mortal enemy comes in the form of the lovable yet dangerous Doug Judy. Their ‘friendship’ is constantly tested because Doug Judy always deceives Jake. The latter trusts the guy so much he forgets how many times he has pulled off the same tricks on him in the past.

Reddit user apk5005 loves Doug Judy’s storyline, specifically “the entire Judy arc – the best frenemies relationship, Charles’ jealousy…”

Amy And Jake’s Relationship

Amy Santiago Jake Peralta

It has been one hell of a ride to watch Amy and Jake’s relationship bloom and grow throughout eight seasons. They started off as rivals, and eventually fell in love with each other despite their differences.

This Reddit user loves the “bet between Jake and Amy where the loser moves in with the winner.” It is so amazing to see how there is so much “unexpected wholesomeness” in their relationship.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.