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BRZRKR – Keanu Reeves’ Debut as Comic Book Writer is Vicious and Bloody!!

They say only a few people have the luxury of having it all. Only a select few get to live it all at the peak of their lives. Even fewer get to enjoy it. Keanu Reeves definitely is making a jump for the latter. After having decades worth of experience in the movie making department, Reeves again made strides in the next level of entertainment – Gaming. Cyberpunk 2077 is about to hit the stores on October and the primary reason it is making the rounds is because it features Reeves in a lead role. Keanu Reeves is not one though. The Humble Giant is showing just how much of a silent over-achiever he is. Reeves is also co-writing a comic book series titled BRZRKR for Boom Studios.

The term BRZRKR is a play on the word Berserker, The word has its roots in ancient Viking lore and states a warrior who is fueled by extreme rage in the battlefield. Keanu Reeves has always been a fan of comic books ever since he was a kid. He has read Richie Rich and as he grew older, he fell in love with Ghost Rider. His favorite comic book series is apparently Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

Reeves pitched the idea of BRZRKR back in 2019 and after some initial talks, the writers and illustrators of Boom were on-boarded into the project and a year later, BRZRKR was finally becoming a reality. Reeves has had a dream of playing a Superhero on screen. He had shown interest to play the role of Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after some reporters asked him about the part right after the Disney-Fox Merger. That still remains a pipe dream. But with BRZRKR, Keanu Reeves could finally fulfil his dream of being part of the superhero genre. This time he will not be the one playing but the one writing the adventures itself.

Let’s discuss some details about the upcoming Boom Studios project Reeves is involved in.

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The Back Story

Keanu Reeves said he was the one who came up with the idea. BRZRKR is about an immortal warrior that has been around since ancient times. The secret to his immortality is in his parentage. The warrior is the son of a War God and a Human Woman. His Half God status grants him stupendous longevity. He does not age. He cannot die. Since he is the son of a God of War, he gets these urges and compulsively ends up fighting in battles and wars the world over. Up until now, BRZRKR has been drawn to all battles and taken part in wars of historic significance. He does it to justify his purpose in life. BRZRKR is a story of a Demi God trying to realize why he was born.

The story will take place in modern day United States of America. The lead hero will be hiding in the American Suburbs, trying to keep himself from being recognized by the authorities. That has been his modus operandi all his 80,000 year long life. When the American Government approaches him to seek help for a near impossible mission, the protagonist agrees on the condition that the US Government will help him unravel the secrets of his past.

It will be a Brutally Violent Story Line

Keanu Reeves is not the only one penning the story for this one. He has a co-writer. Matt Schmidt is a veteran Boom Studios comic book specialist. He too has a penchant for violence. One of Schmidt’s greatest works is Revolver – the story of a man living in two worlds, one a normal one and the other in a post-apocalyptic one. Revolver has been known to address complex issues like PTSD and Mental Impressions left behind after surviving ordeals that would drive a normal person practically insane.

BRZRKR is about an immortal warrior trying to make sense in a world whose violent history has seen the lead protagonist get involved in. Schmidt, a veteran of the field of ultra-realistic violence, intends to turn this into his next masterpiece with Keanu’s help. Judging by the stills from the comic book panels we have received so far, that comic book is dead set on showing aggression and rage in its primordial forms.

Not that we are complaining though!!

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It is a Means to an End

The protagonist is not trying to figure out his purpose to live the rest of his eternal days in peace. Keanu Reeves has gone on record to say that the comic book arc is about an immortal being figuring out the secret to mortality. The warrior wants to end it all. It truly is a unique story arc. BRZRKR will take us into untested territories. Boom Studios is making a huge gamble with BRZRKR. They have the star power and the correct approach for now. So far, they look like they are on the right track because the premise sounds interesting as hell.

There Might be a Live Action Adaptation

Netflix has been on a spree of acquisition for movie rights to prominent comic book arcs. The Umbrella Academy is a good example. Warrior Nun is yet another attempt. They have also showed interest at buying the rights to BRZRKR. It will star Keanu Reeves as the titular immortal battle genius. Maybe, just maybe, Reeves’ dream of paying a superhero in front of the camera will no longer remain just a dream after all.

We have to wait for some time before reading the first issue of BRZRKR though. The first issue of the comic book arc hits the stores on October 7, 2020. Boom Studios promises an issue of the series every consecutive month thereafter. Currently they are finalizing the script and concluding the artwork. Oh and need we mention that it is not a coincidence that the lead character looks like Keanu Reeves? BRZRKR might just be the comic book we had all been hoping for.

Tremble before the BRZRKR!! He is coming to get you….in the stores near you.



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