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Falcon and The Winter Soldier: 23 Funny Posts About Episode 4

Falcon and The Winter Soldier released its episode 4 on 9th April, and fans are going absolutely insane. Falcon and Bucky are known for their humorous banters, but this series takes the humor a notch higher. Some new characters join Marvel’s wittiest duo to give the audience some rib-tickling moments. Here is a list of some utterly funny memes and posts on every hilarious scene in Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s episode 4.

(If you are yet to watch the episode, retreat now; I repeat, retreat now!)

1. Oh Snap!

This tweet had us laughing for MINUTES.

2. Bucky or Buzz Lightyear.

Bucky in episode 4 of Falcon and the winter soldier

funny posts about episode 4

These two pictures have the same energy; you cannot convince us, otherwise. Also, it would be interesting to see Bucky and Buzz Lightyear work side by side.

3. Really Karli?

Karli:- we will kill Captain America!


funny posts about episode 4

This meme is the perfect representation of our reaction.

4. Poor John in episode 4

John Walker got beat up by Dora Milaje, pretty bad.

5. Oh dear Bucky!

Bucky must NOT embarrass Sam Wilson.

6. Well…

What do you all think about this?

7. Whoops!

We miss you Steve Rogers.

8. “How Much For The Arm?”

How can anyone forget that iconic scene from Avengers: Infinity War, when Rocket tried to bargain for Bucky’s Vibranium arm? Well, Rocket would be intrigued by this scene.

9. 106 years old Bucky!

This girl on Tumblr is speaking FACTS!.

10. Sam and Bucky.

funny posts about episode 4

John Mulaney put into words what literally every fan thought in this scene.

11. Dark

Someone get this man a shield, already!

12. Queen!

Marvel, are you listening?

13. John Walker


Funny posts about episode 4

John Walker is overloading Meme-makers with content.

14. Comedy at its best

Bucky and Sam Wilson

Bucky, Sam, and Zemo minding their business while the Dora Milaje fought John and Lemar was comedy at its best.

15. Zemo in funny posts about episode 4

This person on Tumblr has perfectly described Zemo; we are not even arguing on this.

16. “Looking strong, John”

The creativity is insane!

17. Never Underestimate Bucky

Bucky showed his therapist a burner phone, but he actually uses a smartphone. Sneaky Bucky.

18. Sam and Bucky Forever

19. John Walker, AGAIN

Okay, from now on this person rules the internet.

20. Sam Wilson Cares

We stand by Sam Wilson!

21. Zemo and Fights

22. We agree!

Fans don’t seem to like John.

23. Sums it all

Well, we couldn’t sum it up any better than this meme.

See you all next time, folks.

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