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‘That Was Another Gift’: Brad Pitt Credits Bullet Train Decimating the Box Office to a Diverse Cast, Says Everyone Got ‘Their Unique Point of View’

brad pitt and the cast of bullet train

Bullet Train, which recently saw its release on 5th August, is directed by notable filmmaker David Leitch and stars a very talented cast, featuring actors such as Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Hiroyuki Sanada, and Sandra Bullock, among others. It is based on the Japanese novel Maria Beetle by Kōtarō Isaka. The action-comedy film is raking up great numbers at the box office, with a weekend debut of $30.1 Million in the USA. While the film enjoys its international success, the actors recently got together in a zoom interview and emphasized the importance of having a diverse cast.

Bullet Train cast
The cast of Bullet Train

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Besides addressing the reason for the success of the film, the cast also talked about the on-screen bond between Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry’s characters, what the process of bringing the film into life was like, and also Brad Pitt’s character, Ladybug’s duality in the movie.

The Bond Between Lemon And Tangerine

Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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To many, the characters of Lemon and Tangerine felt like Bullet Train’s highlight. When the actors were asked about the bond shared between the two and how was it like to collaborate into shaping their friendship, this is what Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who was seen in the role of Tangerine, had to say:

“It meant so much to us. They are twins, there’s a brotherhood, they are partners in crime and we wanted that to come across. You read this script and you just laughed out loud and the banter between these two just gave us so much, so much material to play with.”

According to the actor, the two pushed their limits by improvising daily, ad-libbing most of the parts to create natural chemistry that could be easily played on the screen. Adding on to Taylor-Johnson’s remark, Henry emphasized that there was a hopeful sentiment on their behalf to make it seem credible to the audience.

Lemon and Tangerine, Bullet Train
Lemon and Tangerine, Bullet Train

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There was an attempt to highlight their brotherly camaraderie and it shone through. The Eternals star expressed his off-screen respect and love for co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson by saying that the actor has a massive heart and is a source of immense joy. Henry furthermore commented on how he “really wanted to show the authenticity of how Aaron and I care about each other” to the audience.

Bullet Train Filming Process According To Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train
Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

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When it comes to the Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood actor, the actor only had praises for his co-stars. When Brad Pitt was asked about what it was like to collaborate with the cast in the fight scenes which portrayed Ladybug’s dualism, he lauded his cast members and stated, I have a lot of respect for everyone who signed on for this.”

The Fight Club alum commented on how it was a rewarding experience to be surrounded by people and also mentioned that he saw Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s tape and immediately realized that they were “up and running” for the film and it was a good-to-go endeavor. According to him, “everyone held their own so” which made it a pretty even match-up. 

Bullet Train
Bullet Train, 2022

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The actor was then asked about the importance of having such a diverse cast, and what was it like to have to work with people from all across the world. To this, the actor said the following:

“That was another gift that this script offered. It was an international cast. It was a diverse representation and everyone could bring their unique point of view to the story, so it was a joy.”

It can easily be deduced that the actor only has the utmost respect for his cast members and credits them for most of the film’s success. Previously, in another interview, the actor had stated how filming for the movie felt like a breath of fresh air after a period of a tough time. Hence, the movie and the cast meant a lot to him.

Bullet Train, which features Brad Pitt as an assassin on a bullet train with an important mission to carry out, is out in theatres now.

Source: Complex