“Bunch of steak knives. I threw them at all the kids”: Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo Got Ryan Gosling Suspended from School, Parents Wanted Him to Stop Watching Movies

"Bunch of steak knives. I threw them at all the kids": Sylvester Stallone's Rambo Got Ryan Gosling Suspended from School, Parents Wanted Him to Stop Watching Movies
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Ryan Gosling started his career as a child actor on television but quickly moved on to mature roles in independent cinema. After earning critical acclaim in indie movies, The Nice Guys actor found himself a place in mainstream cinema through his brilliant portrayal of Noah Calhoun in the romantic drama, The Notebook.

Ryan Gosling in a still from The Notebook
Ryan Gosling’s breakthrough role in The Notebook

The 42-year-old actor has also made a name for himself as a singer in musical dramas and is part of the rock duo, Dead Man’s Bones. However, The Gray Man actor nearly missed out on a career in movies due to a reckless childhood incident, which got him banned from watching movies.

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Ryan Gosling’s Movie Passion Got Him Suspended From School

A scene from Sylvester Stallone's First Blood
First Blood inspired young Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and shared a story about how his obsession with movies almost took a dangerous turn. The First Man actor was fascinated by the action sequences of Sylvester Stallone in First Blood, the first movie in the Rambo series. In an attempt to emulate Rambo, Gosling took a bunch of steak knives to school and threw them at other kids. The Blue Valentine actor shared:

“When I was a kid, I saw Rambo: First Blood – the movie put a spell on me, and I thought I was Rambo. I even thought my face felt like Sylvester Stallone’s. And I put a bunch of steak knives in my Fisher Price Houdini kit. I took it to school the next day, and I threw them at all the kids at recess. I got suspended, rightfully so, and I’m sorry. I never did anything like that again.”

The Half Nelson actor was suspended from school following this incident. His parents also punished him by taking away his movie-watching privileges. Instead, he was only allowed to watch Bible-based movies and National Geographic movies.

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Ryan Gosling’s School Wanted Him Assessed For ADHD

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in a still from La La Land
Ryan Gosling in his movie La La Land

Ryan Gosling’s parents’ decision could have had a detrimental impact on his movie career and Hollywood might have missed out on one of the most versatile actors the industry has ever seen. The La La Land actor’s Rambo-inspired antics took things too far and the school even wanted Gosling to be tested for ADHD.

The Drive actor was never officially diagnosed with ADHD, but it resulted in his parents deciding to homeschool him for a year. Fortunately, the strict punishment could not drain away the passion Gosling had for movies. However, the Crazy, Stupid, Love actor did not pursue a career as an action movie star inspired by Rambo, but rather he featured mostly in independent dramas and romantic movies.

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Ryan Gosling’s latest movie, Barbie, garnered critical and commercial success at the box office, gaining over $1.34 billion from its theatrical run so far. Gosling will next be seen in the project The Fall Guy, directed by Deadpool 2 fame David Leitch.

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