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Busy Promoting XFL and Making Millions, Dwayne Johnson Draws Fan Ire for Not Replying To Young Podcaster’s Plea for Interview

Busy Promoting XFL and Making Millions, Dwayne Johnson Draws Fan Ire for Not Replying To Young Podcaster's Plea for Interview

Dwayne Johnson’s busy schedule has often caused massive shifts in accessibility when it comes to public appearances, especially outside of work. The former professional wrestler-turned-actor has found extensive fame and respect in both lines of work from his fans, the latter of which has grown considerably since he stepped away from the ring during the early decade of the 2000s.

But with increasing public affection comes demands from every angle to live up to the growing expectations of the people, most of which Johnson has been able to keep up with, until hitting a snag in the latter half of the past year with Black Adam. Now, however, an unusual request has taken up a front-row seat among the public’s frenzied demands for The Rock, and the social media petition is only growing in momentum as more time passes.

The Rock and Dany Garcia at the ESPY Awards in July 22
The Rock and Dany Garcia at the ESPY Awards in July ’22

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Fans Request Dwayne Johnson to Pop in On Gio’s Podcast

For almost 15 years now, The Rock’s sole aim has been to bring joy and entertainment to the masses, and in this era’s increasingly volatile climate, it hasn’t always been the easiest task to be agreeable to everyone in the crowd. In the latest turn of events, the masses have moved to appeal to the actor regarding an unusual subject – to listen to the pleas of a young Philadelphia Eagles fan and brilliant podcaster who has publicly requested the Black Adam star to appear on his show, The Giovanni Show Podcast.

Currently, Dwayne Johnson has taken a break from filming the star-studded holiday movie, Red One, to promote the upcoming 2023 season of XFL, of which he is a co-owner after buying it out of bankruptcy from the former owner, Vince McMahon. The rebooted XFL will now launch in Las Vegas with the three direct carryovers from the last season held 3 years ago. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the football league will be “a testing ground for potential new rules, innovations, and ideas that the NFL may want to try in a real-world setting.”

Giovanni Hamilton, host of The Giovanni Show Podcast
Giovanni Hamilton, host of The Giovanni Show Podcast

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Dwayne Johnson’s Keeps the Dream Alive With XFL

For a long time, The Rock’s wish to stay in the game had gone ignored, especially after he couldn’t make the cut for the NFL despite showing promising talent during his years playing college football. After spending a short while in the Canadian Football League, the young star chose a career change and turned around to walk in his father’s footsteps. It was nostalgia that made the former wrestler buy the XFL to make opportunities for kids like him whose dreams began and ended with the NFL.

“I wish the XFL was around when I was playing. But my advice is don’t let it go. Keep trying and working hard because you never know what’s around the corner.”

Dwayne Johnson at the Choctaw Stadium (XFL Showcase)
Dwayne Johnson at the Choctaw Stadium (XFL showcase)

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Russ Brandon, XFL’s President of Football Operations, speaks to the vision that the new management has sought to achieve and claims it will be a far cry from the maddening disaster of the XFL’s previously failed attempts on the field. “We will be a league of innovation. But we will not be a league of gimmicks,” Brandon claims. The XFL will premiere on February 18, 2023, featuring 8 teams and 43 games in total.

Source: Twitter | The Giovanni Show Podcast

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