‘It was pretty miserable’: Caity Lotz Reveals Horrific Toxic CW Workplace That Made Her Life Hell

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Viewers of the Arrowverse were crushed some time ago when The CW dropped DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, one of the most unusual superhero programs ever. Regrettably, the show will not have a proper conclusion, but it appears that preparations for a sequel were actually in the works. Caity Lotz, who has played Sara Lance/White Canary for over a decade, recently came to the spotlight at Motor City Comic Con to clear the air regarding the show. Here’s what she had to say about CW’s toxic workplace culture:

American actress, dancer and singer, Caity Lotz.
American actress, dancer, and singer, Caity Lotz.

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Caity Lotz in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow:

Caity Lotz as Sara Lance.
Caity Lotz as Sara Lance.

Legends of Tomorrow is a DC Comics superhero book about a ragtag group of heroes on a quest to defend the passage of time while also combating nasty supervillains. For the most part, Sara Lance/White Canary has led this squad, which has suffered through several lineup changes. Caity Lotz initially appears as Sara Lance in the second pilot episode of ‘Arrow’ (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood plays the role in the premiere). Lotz has played the character since 2013 and has been a part of the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ ensemble since the show’s first season.


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What Caity said about the toxic work culture in CW:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow with Caity Lotz.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

When it first aired in 2016, the program was panned for taking things far too gravely. Legends of Tomorrow, like many other shows, failed to find its voice at first.  Fortunately, after a number of seasons, this changed. Legends of Tomorrow quickly began to introduce more of its own heroes that fit in nicely with the crew. The series also used a playful attitude that let it establish its own style. Eventually, it grew into one of CW’s most competent and engaging shows. Alas, following the season 7 finale, the network decided to discontinue Legends of Tomorrow, putting the characters’ adventures to a stop.

Lotz commented on the series’s initial periods in a new episode of Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast Inside of You, which was taped before Legends of Tomorrow was shelved. Despite the fact that she has relished the job in recent seasons, there were a few challenges in the first 2 years of Legends.


According to Caity, “It’s interesting, like in the beginning, after like season 2 or something, it was so hard and like pretty miserable that I, like, wanted off. I didn’t want to do it anymore. We were literally working 14-hour camera days almost every single day, and we were not very well taken care of. There was nobody from L.A., no writers, no producers, anybody up in Vancouver, so they had no idea what the conditions were like on set. And we had a few actors at the time that really did not want to be there. Everyone in Vancouver was not in charge. They had to just get it done, like what L.A. says to do. So then the people that were actually there and could see what was going on didn’t have the power to make changes, and they were just beholden. It wasn’t very good. And then L.A. started sending people up, like a writer up to make that bridge, and then we got a producing director, and that helped a lot”.

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