“Imagine if we got these as operator skins”: Call of Duty Fans are Begging for Marvel and Activision Blizzard to Team Up after Deadpool and Wolverine’s Second Trailer

Don't know about Call of Duty but Fortnite does have a chance!

"Imagine if we got these as operator skins": Call of Duty Fans are Begging for Marvel and Activision Blizzard to Team Up after Deadpool and Wolverine's Second Trailer


  • Deadpool and Wolverine trailer starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been officially released.
  • Call of Duty appears to be pulling Fortnite with collaborations and now fans want a collab with Deadpool and Wolverine.
  • It will be interesting to see the Marvel heroes entering the battlefield but chances of the collab are unlikely.
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Marvel fans finally got to see the much-awaited trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine yesterday and fans are smiling. Some Call of Duty fans began dreaming about a potential collaboration between the franchises as both the superheroes donned their traditional outfits to stand their ground in the next Marvel adventure but that seems unlikely.


The popular military shooter has been busy doing collaborations lately, making the game more colorful akin to Fortnite. Fans haven’t been very happy with the collabs COD has put in front of them as they never asked for it. However, now that the fans are asking for a potential collab, Activision should pay attention.

A Potential Marvel x Call of Duty Collab Could Be Just What Fans Need

Call of Duty has been collaborating a lot lately.
Call of Duty has been collaborating a lot lately.

Both, the Merc with a Mouth and the adamantium clanking beast, would be well-fitted for the game’s players who already love the action. So far, COD hasn’t collaborated with any of the Marvel entities but they almost caught the fans off guard when it brought in a Groot-like skin in the game.


It wasn’t received by fans very well and was removed temporarily until an update. In a post on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), a user called DETONATED posted a still from the latest Marvel trailer showcasing the mutant duo. The user expressed the desire by saying: “I think it’s time #DeadpoolAndWolverine come to Call of Duty… Imagine if we got these as operator skins.”

Some users are already sharing their excitement over a potential collaboration. One of them dubbed Ewon wrote, “Hate to say it. But they could have My money.”


COD had previously collaborated with superhero shows like The Boys to which superheroes like Homelander and Starlight were added as skins. However, fans believe Wolverine using guns makes much sense. And the foul-mouthed merc already is a gun aficionado so there’s no question about him fitting the bill.

Fortnite Has a Better Chance At Bringing The Mutant Duo in The Game

Several Marvel heroes have been featured in the battle royale game previously.
Several Marvel heroes have been featured in the battle royale game previously.

But then, it is very unlikely as Marvel already has made a deal with Epic Games. The company has featured several Marvel superheroes ranging from Iron Man to Spider-Man in the past.


Moreover, they’ve featured both the superhero skins in the game and they are likely to bring them back considering the upcoming movie’s release.

Some fans contradict the fact that these skins will never make it to the military shooter game. One of them says, “It’ll never happen in COD. It’ll probably happen in Fortnite or some other game though lol.”


If Activision is really into collaborations this time, it could be a chance for them to make many fans, who aren’t very satisfied with the same, happy. The game recently joined hands with the Monsterverse, it may well do it with Marvel too.

What do you think about a potential collaboration? We would like to know your thoughts on this in the comments section.


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