Call of Duty Fans Want Controversial and Irritating ‘Weapon’ Removed From Modern Warfare 3

COD fans want Riot Shields out of Modern Warfare 3 and they want it yesterday.

Call of Duty Fans Want Controversial and Irritating 'Weapon' Removed From Modern Warfare 3


  • Call of Duty fans are irritated with Riot Shields in Modern Warfare 3 and want it removed.
  • Players allege the Riot Shields are overpowered and have no counter.
  • Players have also suggested that it could be used as a field upgrade or a streak.
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has failed miserably to impress players with its campaign and was severely criticized. The multiplayer somehow salvaged the game, but there have also been several bugs and glitches that annoyed and frustrated players.


Modern Warfare 3 carries over weapons, skins, and operators from Modern Warfare 2, and players are frustrated with one controversial weapon and want it to be removed from the game. They are calling out developers for removing Riot Shields from the game, alleging that it is ruining the game.

Call of Duty Fans Want Controversial Riot Shields Out of Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty fans want Riot Shields to be removed form Modern Warfare 3.
Call of Duty fans want Riot Shields to be removed form Modern Warfare 3.

Riot Shields allow players to deflect bullets from enemies and have been carried over to Modern Warfare 3 from Modern Warfare 2 with the COD‘s Carry-Forward system but players are not having it as they wanted it to be removed from the game saying that it is ruining the game and is “ruining the game.” Players have taken to Reddit to share their disappointment with the irritating weapon.


Modern Warfare 3 player and Redditor RuggedTheDragon shared a post in the MW3 community saying that the weapon should have never been in the game. They stated, “I’ll keep saying it; Riot Shields should not have carried over.” The usage of riot shields by enemy players is becoming a problem for other players due to fast lethal usage and no counters. Players can use grenades to take players using riot shields but it’s too powerful. The player’s post reads:

It’s a cheesy primary with minimal negatives and is more effective than you realize. Blocking bullets sounds simple on paper, but when you combine fast lethal usage and with no counter other than to stick them with grenades or possibly outmaneuver with little success, it’s too powerful as it is.

They also had some suggestions for developers to take care of the irritating weapons and asked the developers to remove them completely from the game. They said, “Removing them is the main option since it’s way too cheesy to keep in the game.” They also mentioned that overkill restriction will not solve anything but having the riot shields as “a field upgrade or a streak” could fix this issue to some extent given players can use a weapon to shoot through the shields.

The Modern Warfare 3 community has agreed to this and shared their unpleasant experiences with enemy players using the riot shields. The other users added that it completely ruins the match and the increased TTK while using the shields just makes it worse. Some users also stated that while the shields are bad, players can still use drill charges or thermite to combat the players using them. Redditor CLE-BrownsFan216 added,


There are plenty of counters to the riot shield. Drill Charge, Thermite, Semtex…my personal favorite has been the new breacher drone. I haven’t had one fail me yet.

Players also stated that if unable to find any success, they must also try shooting at their legs and feet to knock them out. Although there are players who want the Riot Shields to be reworked, some players just want them to be removed from the gaming saying they shouldn’t have been in the game in the first place and also praised Treyarch for not bringing the shields in Black Ops Cold War.

Fans allege that the Riot Shields are overpowered and have no proper counters.
Fans allege that the Riot Shields are overpowered and have no proper counters.

Redditor adam13om skipped the dramatics and went on to say, “Riot shielders and Groot users go to the Special Hell.” Another player Radi0activeMnk pointed out the Riot Shields issue saying, “Dude the fact that  Explosive Tip Crossbow doesn’t work on them anymore is absolutely ridiculous!!!” 

Modern Warfare 3 has faced several issues and players have been vocal protesting about them. The developers only recently pulled out “Groot” skin as it was hard for players to stop on a few maps. The skin has been taken disabled and developers will work on it to make adjustments to it. However, developers still have to respond to the Riot Shields issue and it remains to be seen if it will be reworked or outright removed.


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