“Don’t act like this is Activision’s fault when you enable them”: Call of Duty Players Debate the State of the Franchise Compared to ‘the old days’

Call of Duty comes back up on Reddit again as gamers debate old versus new.

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  • Gamers have started to debated whether Call of Duty is getting worse compared to how it started.
  • There is a select group who believe franchise has lost its touch over the past few years.
  • Some believe if people stopped buying Call of Duty, then it could positively impact the future of the series.
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No matter what your feelings are towards Call of Duty, it’s hard to deny that there has been a major deviation from the old generation and the new over the past few years.


As always, a spark of debate has arisen on Reddit as gamers ask the question: why has Call of Duty progressed to what it is now, and would it be better if it returned to the old days of a simple story with easy mechanics that allow anyone to log in and play?

The Debate Regarding Call of Duty Has Come Up Once Again

Some gamers aren't happy with the current state of Call of Duty.
Some gamers aren’t happy with the current state of Call of Duty.

When it comes to Call of Duty, there is always some kind of debate happening within the gaming community as to whether or not the quality of the franchise has declined. The question has become whether players who began their Call of Duty journey back in the older generation are complaining, or if gamers are just sick of the regurgitated titles.


The reason this debate has come up again is the fact that the older generation of players is annoyed at the highly mainstream version of Call of Duty that has been seen over the past few years. Rasons for frustration include shorter and less fun campaigns, expensive operator packs full of high-profile celebrities making appearances, or just the poor standard game modes that are constantly rotating in multiplayer.

However, this isn’t the opinion of the entire player base, as there are those who believe these older gamers are living too much in the past. This side believes it’s unreasonable to consider the older generation of games as perfect, when they themselves had many issues. 

It leads many to wonder why Call of Duty has been progressing the way it has, and whether or not we will ever see it return to what made originally made it so popular. 


Thanks to the change in leadership at Activision, there is a small glimpse of hope that we will see Call of Duty make its triumphant return to the glory days. However, many wonder if this will happen if gamers continue to support the current quality Call of Duty is putting out.

Why Gamers Are Blaming the Player Base Rather Than the Developers

A select group of gamers believe that if players stop buying Call of Duty, then the developers could improve it.
A select group of gamers believe if players stop buying Call of Duty, then the developers could improve it.

As stated above, there are two very valid reasons as to why the Call of Duty player base isn’t happy with the state of the franchise. However, there are those who believe it isn’t Activision’s fault that the game is in the state that it is.

For many gamers, there is a belief that if fans stopped purchasing the new versions of Call of Duty that constantly keep popping up each year, there would be more of a reason for Activision to focus on developing its next version of Call of Duty with care and consideration. 


If players did stop purchasing the new versions of Call of Duty that constantly appear, then it is likely Activision could learn its lesson and eventually change back to a simple FPS that fans know and love. 

However, that could run the risk of the franchise closing down entirely and content for game modes like Warzone getting worse, as less effort will be put into the game. It could also disappoint those on the other side of the argument, who feel that Call of Duty is only continuing to get better with time. 

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