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Can the Disney+ Daredevil Season 4 Bring Back Elektra?

Can the Disney Daredevil Season 4 Bring Back Elektra

Daredevil was previously released on Netflix as an original Marvel series back in April 2015. It was in fact the first Marvel series on Netflix. Elektra was introduced in the second season of the series and was also in the Defenders. Her role was quite prominent as he had connections with the Hand and Daredevil. In fact, she was at the center of the conflict due to the connection. But when Daredevil season 3 came out, there was no Elektra in it. And the fans never really got to know what happened to her. When Netflix and Marvel stopped working together, it seemed like her story ended. But now with Disney+, she could return.

Will Elektra return on Disney+?

Will Elektra return on Disney+
Will Elektra return on Disney+?

With Disney+ now becoming the new streaming home of MCU projects, a lot has changed. The platform already has an array of MCU series released on it. The latest one among them is Moon Knight, while Ms. Marvel is set to release on June 8. Also, two Netlfix stars have already made their MCU debut. Recently, Vicent D’ Onofrio portrayed Kingpin in Hawkeye. Charlie Cox was seen as Matt Mudrock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This could only mean more Netflix stars could join MCU, including Elektra.

Elektra could still be alive after The Defenders
Elektra could still be alive after The Defenders

Also, bringing her back would not be much of a problem. As her fate was not very conclusive in either Daredevil or The Defenders. At the end of The Defenders, she and Matt are stuck under the building when it collapses. Matt manages to make it and looks for Elektra but she is not found. So it is not known whether she lives or dies. Also, her return could bring another interesting character to MCU’s phase 4.

All future projects Elektra can be a part of

Elektra could come back in Daredevil season 4
Elektra could come back in Daredevil season 4

If MCU does bring her back and tells the fans how she survived, there are a number of projects she can be a part of. As there is already an expected reunion of Kingpin and Mudrock in the upcoming series Echo on Disney+. It could be a great spot to bring in her as well. And she can help Echo train and become a better assassin. According to a few theories, she can make her MCU debut through Shang-Chi 2.

As per reports, Marvel has confirmed the fourth season of Daredevil with Charlie Cox in the lead. So, the series could be the best spot to bring back Elektra.

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