Can WB Make A Live-Action Batman TV Show?

Batman is the most overexposed character in popular culture.

He has been a DC’s crown jewel, but there is something prodigious.

Batman acts as a booster for all the projects however the last Batman animated series was Beware the Batman in 2013.

Since then there hasn’t been a solo series. If we think about the possible reasons, it is difficult that we’ll get to see any batman series. Read the article below to know more.

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People on twitter have started urging The CW and Warner Bros. Television to explore the Dark Night.

We saw Dark Knight in animated shows like Harley QuinnYoung Justice, and Justice League action. But those shows were not about him or his world.

He was a supporting actor who elevated the other characters around him.

However, it seems puzzling that there will be a Batman show soon because of the reasons mentioned below.


Even if they try The CW and Warner Bros. TV won’t replace Batwoman with it since the two shows are entirely different. 

Batwoman’s main lead belongs to LGBTQ+ and replacing it with a straight man won’t be a good option. The Batman show has to be completely different from the Batwoman.

Also, there is a movie coming soon. And it’s a rare thing to see that actors are working on films as well as their own series. When Suicide Squad was planning for a feature film, Arrow spinoff was canceled, and most of the characters were not there in the Arrowverse, and it could be due to the request of Warner Bros. management. 


Since 1960s Fox has controlled the production and distribution rights on the small screen and Warner Bros. controls movies and other property. 

For many years the Adam West Batman series was not available as a home video.

There were several reasons and one of them being the conflict between Greenway, ABC, and Fox. Inclusion of Warner Bros. only complicated things. After 2010 ABC and Greenway gave their shares to Fox.

It led to a dispute between Fox and DC, and everyone thought that the show would never be released.

After some deal in 2014 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released the series on home video as well as there were a couple of animated spinoff movies. 

We’ll inevitably get to see a Batman Animated Series in the future. But when? It’s time for Batman to return on the small screen again.

What are your opinions about the return of Batman on the small screen? Please share with us.

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