Cap’s Infinity Stones Reverse Heist & 9 Other MCU Show Ideas Fans Want Marvel To Consider


The MCU already has a plethora of shows and movies planned for the near future. But the fans want more. So we have come up with ten unique ideas for the MCU to explore should they ever consider expanding the MCU Disney+ horizon.

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Wakanda Chronicles

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Wakanda is the most technologically advanced nation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The technology they possess is centuries ahead of anything the rest of the Earth could muster up. They have sealed themselves from the world because of their valuable vibranium deposits. Their culture, their people, and the country itself is a stranger to us all. A single movie could only explore Wakanda up to only a certain extent. What fans would really like is a show chronicling the stories of Wakandan citizens, giving us a sneak peek into what we are really getting into in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Adventures Of The Winter Soldier

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Bucky Barnes was the primary weapon of choice for Hydra whenever they needed to do the impossible. Over the years, the Winter Soldier helped accomplish the most difficult of tasks, paving the road for Hydra taking over SHIELD. Most of his missions as the Winter Soldier remain a mystery to this day. A good way of throwing same light into how Bucky Barnes helped change the very course of history as the Winter Soldier would be nice.

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Sam Wilson’s Pre-Winter Soldier Days As The Falcon

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Before Sam Wilson went on an epic transformational journey from the Falcon to the new Captain America, he was but a mere para-rescueman for the United States Air Force. He served in Afghanistan, where he helped rescue lots of wounded veterans from harm’s way. San and his friend Riley were given prototype powered wing-suits since helicopters were frequently targeted with RPG. His days as a rescue ranger, when he was first learning to use the wings he is so proficient in today, would be a good idea for a limited series.


Steve Rogers’ Reverse Heist In Endgame

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Of course this one had to be on the list. Steve Rogers was tasked with returning the items taken from the past back to where they belong. Rogers completed his mission. But decided not to return to 2023. He settled down with Peggy, starting a new life together with her. A series showing us the many adventures and places Rogers went through is a pretty good concept for a series. Every nook and cranny of the MCU starting from Asgard, the Sanctum Sanctorum, as well as Rogers meeting his original nemesis Red Skull in Vormir could be showed in vivid detail.


Howard Stark – The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

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We all know about Tony Stark. More than half of the MCU was dedicated solely to develop him as a character. But what about the person that made him. Tony and Howard did not have the best of relationships. But Tony did inherit one thing from his father apart from the immense fortune – a genius level intelligence. Howard Stark is a man of mystery. He is shown to be just as brilliant as an inventor as he is a visionary. His strive to make the human civilization better through technology is something every Marvel fan has a right to know.


Young Star Lord

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Peter Quill was kidnapped by the Ravagers from Earth. He spent most of his days kissing up to Yondu. Peter Quill ended up becoming a brash and arrogant man, always up to no good any time, any where. If he is this brash now, imagine the problem child he would have been when he was but a kid. A teenage Star Lord, just learning and earning his way into infamy is something we would all want to see. We mean come on, this is the guy who almost cost us the war against Thanos in Infinity War.


X-Con Security Consultants

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Who, in their right minds, would not want to see Luis, Dave, and Kurt doing their daily shenanigans as private security consultants? We mean the trio were the source of some truly epic comic relief in the Ant-man franchise. After Luis founded X-Con Security, the company has been hard at work to try and secure clients. The show could even give us occasional visits by Scott Lang and would do well to serve as a marketing platform for Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania.


Isaiah Bradley – Secret Super Soldier

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The government may have gone silent. They have done everything they can to keep it a secret. But Isaiah Bradley is a name that is synonymous with the word ‘legend’. He paved the way for a whole new world. He fought for a country that had not even given his people basic rights as a citizen back then. He spilt blood, both his own and of other people, for a nation he was still proud of. And for that he was jailed. He was experimented upon like a lab rat. We all want to see the fight between Isaiah Bradley and the Winter Soldier, something Falcon And The Winter Soldier mentioned in one of the episodes. But more than that, the show would show us the racial prejudice and persecution that was rampart against POC back then.


Nick Fury – Agent of SHIELD

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Before the biggest, baddest, meanest motherf***ers of them all took the charge for SHIELD as its new Director, he was a mere operative. It is shown in Captain Marvel that Nick Fury started out rather small. A show showing us how Nick Fury played through bureaucratic and organizational politics all the while fending off world-ending threats is something not anyone would say no to. The show will be like House of Cards, with superheroes and supervillains thrown into the mix.


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Thor, Korg & Miek’s Days In New Asgard

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Why do we need to have all these show ideas follow a strict, conventional format? Our final idea for a show is more of a game streaming genre than a live action genre. Thor, fresh off his failures in Infinity war, has no immersed himself in the world of Fortnite. He regularly joins forces with his fellow team mates Korg and Miek, to take down his new arch nemesis – Noobmaster69. The show could just be a fun streaming series with Thor, Korg, and Miek roasting the various characters of the MCU in the voice chat as they play Fortnite in solitude in New Asgard.


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