Captain America 4 Reportedly Setting Up ‘Vibranium War’ Focusing on Tenoch Huerta’s Namor With Thunderbolts Trying to Infiltrate Wakanda

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Marvel has a rather exciting bunch of projects lined up with a number of films set to release in the upcoming years. And two of these films, including Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts, both of which are scheduled to release in 2024, are rumored to be planning for a “vibranium war,” with bits and pieces about the same from Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther 2 setting up a crucial base for both the new films.

Captain America: New World Order
Captain America: New World Order is rumored to go after vibranium

According to sources, this fictional metal is going to be at the epicenter of an intense war wherein the rival kingdoms of Wakanda and Talokn are allegedly going to unite their forces to fight against the conservation of vibranium, the procurement of which is said to be a major focus in both Captain America 4 as well as Thunderbolts.

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A“vibranium war” is reportedly brewing 

A new rumor has surfaced about Julius Onah’s upcoming Captain America film and Jake Schreier’s Thunderbolts, as per which, the storylines of both movies are going to consist of some kind of war for the acquisition of vibranium, the metal which is mined only in the kingdom of Wakanda and out of which Black Panther’s iconic suit was made.

The rumor has it that Wakanda and Talokan, two kingdoms who stood against each other in the Black Panther sequel, will be standing together in the supposed fight against the metal that has the power to manipulate energy which is said to be featured in New World Order as well as Thunderbolts.

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A “vibranium war” will reportedly take place in Captain America 4 and Thunderbolts

The theory claims that a war concerning the metal is going to break out in the film starring Anthony Mackie which will further assume a more definitive form in Thunderbolts as the characters from that film will then invade the Wakandan kingdom to seize vibranium, compelling Black Panther and Namor, to strike a united front for the sake of both of their kingdoms’ futures.

Although these are mere rumors with the plot details of both films being kept under strict wraps, they might just hold some veracity to them, especially in the case of Captain America: New World Order given the metal’s association with regard to the superhero.

Why New World Order‘s plot might have something to do with vibranium

There is a serious possibility of Captain America: New World Order featuring a sort of conflict, if not a full-fledged war with regard to the possession of vibranium from Wakanda and/or Talokan.


As is popularly known in the MCU, Captain America’s shield is one of the most powerful weapons to exist in the world, and in case you’ve forgotten, besides adamantium, it also comprises a small chunk of vibranium, the metal surrounding all this hype. The metal was seen to be used for the first time in Captain America: The First Avenger, the 2011 film starring Chris Evans, wherein Iron Man’s father, Howard Stark utilized it to develop Steve Rogers’ shield.

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Captain America's shield is made of vibranium
Captain America’s shield is made of vibranium

However, this almost indestructible metallic ore is only found in Wakanda, and in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Namor’s underwater kingdom is the only other civilization to have access to it with massive deposits of vibranium found in the ocean. And given the association it has with regard to the World War II hero’s iconic shield, it would make sense if the plot of Captain America: New World Order involved a “vibranium war”, so to speak.


Also, at the end of Black Panther 2, Tenoch Huerta’s Namor mentions how other nations are going to want to get a hold of Wakanda’s vibranium, indicating that the North East African kingdom would have no other option but to seek Talokan for help when that happens. So from the cryptic statement, it is certain that a war concerning the rare metal will be coming in the future. It’s only a matter of the how’s and the when’s.

Captain America: New World Order will hit the cinemas on May 3, 2024.

Thunderbolts is set to release on July 26, 2924.


Source: Namor and Thunderbolts News on Twitter

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