‘We are tired of this character already’: Marvel Fans Not Happy With Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Val Appearing in MCU’s Thunderbolts Movie

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Val Appearing in MCU's Thunderbolts Movie
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The post-credit easter eggs are something that Marvel Studios pioneered with Iron Man and used in every single MCU film since then, making them almost a trademark of their cinematic universe. These small clips were not just about giving you something extra related to the film, but they were also glimpses into the future of the MCU, kind of like a connection that made more sense with every consecutive film. This linked all the films into the epic universal tale that the MCU had set out to create, all leading to the end of Avengers: Endgame.

The Avengers Assemble
The Avengers Assemble

Today, Marvel Studios still carry on this tradition of hiding crucial pieces of information in its end-credit scenes, although this time, they don’t seem to mean anything.

With the recent update that Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Val will be making yet another appearance in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie, fans are asking the most obvious question. Why is she in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


Why Are Marvel Fans Unhappy With Director de Fontaine?

Black Panther 2 connection with Thunderbolts
Valentina de Fontaine is shown to be the new director of the CIA and the ex-wife of Everett Ross

We first saw CIA Director “Val” de Fontaine in the fifth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After John Walker is stripped of the title of Captain America, she approaches him and tells him, “You did the right thing, taking the serum.” Her second appearance was in Marvel Studios’ Black Widow where she appears after the events of Endgame to introduce herself to Natasha Romanoff’s adopted younger sister Yelena Belova. She comes there to tell her about Clint Barton and how he let Natasha die, promising Yelena to help her out if she would provide her with her skills as a top-tier agent.

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And now, her recent outing brings her into the midst of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, where it’s revealed that she was formerly married to Everett K. Ross, and was chasing him down for betraying the United States and siding with the Wakandans. But even through all this, fans are still oblivious about what she will offer in the grand scheme of things. As it stands out, we will be seeing Val yet again in the upcoming Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts films.


Her constant appearances with no particular connection to the bigger picture of the MCU is surely getting fans a little irritated with the character. Fans have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure with Val’s seemingly unrelated sightings.



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What Is Val’s Purpose?


The current expected lineup of Thunderbolts.

As per some educated guesses, many fans believe that Val is trying to assemble a group of remarkable people to see if they can become something more so that when the world needs them, they can fight their battles. Sound familiar? Yes, she is trying to basically become the next Nick Fury and assemble the next generation of the Avengers, who will be assembled in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. Although, the fans think they aren’t doing a really good job with it until this point in time.

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Thunderbolts is set to release on 26th July 2024.


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