Captain America: New World Order Casts Mary Magdalene Star Shira Haas as MCU’s First Israeli Superhero ‘Sabra’

New World Order Casts Mary Magdalene Star Shira Haas as MCU's First Israeli Superhero 'Sabra'
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Captain America: New World Order is one of the Marvel Phase 5 endeavors which have the fans quite intrigued. At Disney’s ultimate fan event, D23 Expo, the Marvel panel dedicated to their upcoming films, TV shows, and projects brought an array of unexpected information. One such piece of news happens to be the inclusion of the Israeli superhero Sabra in Captain America 4, the Anthony Mackie-starrer.

Captain America: New World Order Israeli Superhero - Sabra
Israeli Superhero – Sabra

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Some other announcements were made concerning the Phase 5 film, one of which states the return of both Carl Lumbly as Isiah Bradley and Danny Ramirez as Joaquín Torres/Falcon, two characters we were introduced to in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Another piece of information reveals that Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader is reportedly set to be the central villain of the premise.


While all the announcements have left the fans eagerly anticipating the movie’s release, the Israeli superhero, Sabra, is an interesting choice that has been added to the astounding mix of characters.

Captain America: New World Order: Who Is Sabra?

Shira Haas to play Sabra in Captain America: New World Order
Shira Haas set to play Sabra

The D23 Expo announcement, as detailed by THR writer Borys Kit, revealed the casting choices for the Phase 5 Anthony Mackie-led movie. According to the reports, Israeli actress Shira Haas is set to don the role of Sabra. Haas has starred in endeavors such as the Netflix miniseries, Unorthodox, the historic drama film Mary Magdalene, and 2018’s Broken Mirrors.

When it comes to the question of who exactly Sabra is, the character first made a cameo appearance in the Incredible Hulk comics, specifically in issue #250. This was back in 1980. Created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema, the character would proceed to make her full appearance in Incredible Hulk #256. Sabra’s real name happens to be Ruth Bat-Seraph.

Sabra vs. Hulk
Sabra vs. Hulk

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When it comes to the powers possessed by Sabra, she happens to be a mutant. Her abilities include superhuman speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and durability. Another interesting function of her mutant powers allows her to have regenerative healing. Interestingly enough, Sabra is also able to improve the physical health of the people she chooses to bestow her life energy to. This allows her to recharge them with rudimentary superpowers. The powers that others receive are not related to the Israeli superhero’s abilities; they are randomized.

Sabra set to appear in Captain America: New World Order
Sabra will make her MCU debut in Captain America 4

Whenever Sabra pleases, she can choose to retrieve back her life energy, which also retracts the superpowers she bestowed. The drawback of this ability is that her regular power levels are reduced whenever she chooses to grant her energy. At the same time, once she retrieves her life-energy back, she returns to her original power levels.


It would be interesting to see what this new character will bring to the table with her Marvel Cinematic Debut debut in Captain America: New World Order. 

Fans’ Reaction To Sabra

Fans react to Sabra
Fans react to Sabra

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When it comes to the fans’ reception, the reactions are mostly split. While most excitedly look forward to Sabra’s scheduled MCU debut, others are questioning the integrity of her inclusion in Captain America 4. Many feel skeptical as to what the mutant will serve in the overarching narrative that MCU has been following for years now. Since the details of the Phase 5 endeavor are still under wraps, people are having trouble understanding where the Israeli superheroine will exactly fit.


Take a look:



The inclusion of a mutant superhero seems to be an interesting choice on Marvel Studios’ behalf. We all know how there have been hints, Easter eggs, and extensive alluding when it comes to the existence of mutants in the MCU. While nothing concrete has yet been seen, perhaps the introduction of Sabra will set up the much-anticipated mutants’ premise in the future. Sabra is known to have crossed paths with and worked alongside the X-Men in the comics. It would be interesting to see the direction taken by Marvel.

Captain America: New World Order, featuring Anthony Mackie, is set for a 3 May 2024 release.

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