Captain Marvel Secret Weapon, Revealed (Is It Another Avenger?)

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Avid Marvel fans know that Captain Marvel is indeed the strongest of the Avengers and even an army on her own. Her powers can bring down even the deadliest of all intergalactic threats, like Thanos.


In the comics, Captain Marvel reveals that while her power is her greatest advantage, she has a stronger weapon that many fans do not seem to be aware of. In fact, it is her work relationship with a fellow Avenger.

Captain Marvel
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

When Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson in the MCU movie) was exposed to the cosmic powers emitted by a Kree device, she transformed into a superhuman built with insane abilities. Her strengths include flight and manipulation of energies, among others. She was so powerful that no one could beat her.


Danvers first assumed the title of Ms. Marvel, then changed it to Captain Marvel after the demise of her friend, Mar-Vell. Since then, she has been known by that title.

So… Who Helps Captain Marvel?

In the story of Captain Marvel #29 issue by Jacopo Camagni and Kelly Thompson, Danvers sets out to find a powerful sorceress who can teach her magic. She has been denied by everyone on Earth, so she decided to take a chance on the Enchantress. When the sorceress told Danvers about her decision to stay low-key and off-the-grid, the heroine said:

I find it hilarious you think Thor – King of Asgard, All-Father, God of Thunder, and more recently Herald of freaking Galactus – doesn’t know exactly where you are, Enchantress.”


Captain Marvel #29

This brings us to the assumption that Danvers knows a lot about Thor, knowing what the God of Thunder didn’t know. From that line alone, one can say that Thor wanted to help Danvers and is willing to give out information.

Although in the MCU, Thor and Captain Marvel did not really interact that much. However, they have made an impression that they like each other in that one post-credit scene.


With two cosmic powers-wielding superheroes teaming up, they will become an unbeatable duo. Thor’s knowledge about the Universe and Captain Marvel’s conviction on finding enemies is a win-win situation.


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