Ms. Marvel’s Obsession With Captain Marvel, Explained

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The first trailer of Ms. Marvel has revealed some information about the character. And dropped a few Easter eggs for the fans. The recent MCU story is going to be the live-action action adaptation of a Marvel comic book character of the same name. With some changes. Ms. Marvel is the story of a Pakistani-American girl named Kamala Khan. She discovers a wristband that is probably the source of her powers.


The trailer has also made it obvious from the very first shot that Kamala or Ms. Marvel is a huge fan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel. It could be an important element that would later tie her to the MCU universe. Just like her comic book counterpart, Ms. Marvel is inspired a lot by Captain Marvel. And it is one of the factors that started Kamala’s superhero journey.


Ms. Marvel is a huge fan of Captain Marvel

Just like Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel would be another series exploring the journey of another Marvel character in live-action. According to the trailer, the show is going to introduce us to Kamala as a regular High School girl in New Jersey. But she also is overly obsessed with the Avengers, as she doodles Ant-Man fighting an Ant-like creature in the very first shot of the trailer. Later it is shown that she wears a T-shirt with Captain Marvel, The Wasp, and someone similar to Kate Bishop from Hawkeye.

Ms. Marvel is a huge fan of Captain Marvel
Ms. Marvel

Later, the trailer shows how her room has a poster of Captain Marvel, and she even wears a homemade Captain Marvel uniform. Even daydreams about meeting Carol Denver’s greatest fans. It is also made obvious in the trailer that people have an issue with her obsession with superheroes. And her spending too much time in the fantasy land. But then she becomes a part of her dream. She gets to become a superhero. Only to realize it is not an easy task.


Ms. Marvel’s obsession with Captain Marvel

The obsession of Ms. Marvel with Captain Marvel can be understood by how she was first introduced in the Marvel universe. Kamala Khan made her debut in Captain Marvel #14, where she witnesses Carol’s fight against Yon-Rogg. While she also protects the civilians. And this made Kamala admire Carol as her idol.

Ms. Marvel's obsession with Captain Marvel
Ms. Marvel is obsessed with Captain Marvel

Kamala was inspired by Carol’s heroism and power. Also, Carol being a courageous and powerful female superhero became a huge reason why Kamala wanted to be one too. In the comic book, Kamala has revealed that she admires Carol for her heroic nature, beauty, and awesomeness. Carol is the motivation behind Kamala’s dream to be a superhero.


Obsession is a set up to connect her to MCU’s future

According to the reports, Ms. Marvel, along with Monica Rambeau, will appear in The Marvels. After her solo adventure, she will join forces with two other heroes to save the world and take down a common enemy. She would also meet with Carol and find out a lot more about her idol. It could be a disappointment. But it will be a valuable lesson for her as a superhero.

Obsession is a set up to connect her to MCU's future
Set up to connect her to MCU’s future

In the series, though, it is not quite obvious how Kamala would become a fan of Carol. It could be something that she witnessed as a kid. Like Kate watches Hawkeye take down villains when Loki attacked Earth, while she was a kid. Plus, MCU has only recently added a few female heroines and it is quite natural that a young girl superhero looks up to Captain Marvel. And she becomes the inspiration of her superhero name – Ms. Marvel.


Release Date and Main Cast of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is set to be released on June 8, worldwide. And will be available of Disney+. Iman Vellani, a new actor is set to play the lead role – Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel. Matt Lintz will be seen in the series as Bruno, Kamala’s best friend. Amaris Knight is playing Kareem, an exchange student who has a secret life of his own. Also, Kamala’s parents are being played by Mohan Kapur and Zenobia Shroff. And Saagar Sheikh plays her older brother, Amir.

Release Date and Main Cast of Ms. Marvel
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

Other members of the cast include – Yasmeen Fletcher, Laith Naki, Azher Usman, Travina Springer, and Nimra Bucha. The fans are excited to watch another comic book hero come into live-action with a slightly different story, as she learns that hard part about being a superhero.


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