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Captain Marvel: 10 Powers We Can’t Believe She Almost Never Uses In Battle

Captain Marvel 10 Superpowers We Cant Believe She Seldom Uses In Battle

Carol Danvers has carved her niche in the MCU as the famous Ms. Marvel. She worked to become Captain Marvel with her half-human, half-Kree superpower, which enabled her to weaponize any kind of energy. However, Carol possesses way more abilities than she usually uses. She has a remarkable untapped potential that fans are eager to see unfold. Here are ten superpowers we can’t believe she seldom uses.

10. She Has The Power Of Words Being A Former Journalist: Carol Danvers was a journalist at Daily Bugle alongside Jonah Jameson. However, her post as editor didn’t last because of the difference of opinions between her and Jonah. They later ended up parting ways; however, it’s hard to believe she left this power behind.

Captain Marvel: 10 Superpowers We Can't Believe She Almost Never Uses In Battle

9. She Can Lift The Mjolnir: Captain Marvel is doused with the DNA of the other Avengers. This means she is powerful enough to command the legendary hammer of Thor– Mjolnir. However, only after the battle does she realize Mjolnir recognized her because she had Thor’s DNA.

Captain Marvel: 10 Superpowers We Can't Believe She Almost Never Uses In Battle

8. Solar Energy Recharges Her: The Sun is Carol’s personal battery because of her ability to weaponize energy. This means that she remains powerful on any planet with a Sun!

Captain Marvel: 10 Superpowers We Can't Believe She Almost Never Uses In Battle

7. She Doesn’t Need To Eat Or Sleep For Sustenance: Carol, unlike other superhumans, can survive on the energy around her. Though there isn’t a valid explanation of this feat, it is relevant. This superpower can help her achieve things even superheroes only dreams of.

Captain Marvel: 10 Superpowers We Can't Believe She Almost Never Uses In Battle

6. She Can Maybe Talk To Cats: Chewie is Carol’s cat. He is a seemingly ordinary earthling, but he is an alien called Flerken resembling a feline. Unfortunately, even though she is seen talking to her cat in the comics, we can’t see her communicating with other animals.

Captain Marvel: 10 Superpowers We Can't Believe She Almost Never Uses In Battle

5. She Can Control Gravity: Gravity is just another form of energy that Captain Marvel can easily manipulate. Though she only uses this ability for herself, i.e., to fly and never during battles. This potentially destructive power could be put to more interesting use.

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4. She Can Use White Hole’s Energy: After being hit by an alien ray that augmented her powers, she possesses the management of a white hole. As a result, she became a master of every type of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. Although her powers returned to normal eventually, it still means that Captain Marvel can potentially use a white hole as a weapon.

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3. Her Illusions Can Confuse Her Enemies: Carol can cast illusions upon her enemies to confuse them. This means she can use her energy and superpowers and cast illusions as Mar-Vell did. The comic doesn’t feature her using this ability yet. However, it is safe to assume that she’s banking it as ammunition. Fans hope she manifests this new skill very soon.

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2. Kree DNA Makes Here Immune To Most Substances: It is impossible to kill Carol by administering poison on Earth. This is because her Kree DNA makes her immune to toxins known to man. Her body also cleanses itself of any pathogens in her anatomy. Of course, she cannot use this power at her will, but her physiology is always on her side, giving her immense immunity.

1. She Has The Abilities To Modify Her On The Molecular Level And Change Her Appearance: We can derive that Ms. Marvel can shapeshift from the fact that she can modify her physical appearance at her will from her human to her blue-skinned look. She can master molecule manipulation and take on extreme forms of shapeshifting. She can then use this to her advantage in the battles.

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What other superpowers did we miss?

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