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J. Jonah Jameson’s Best MCU Future Is To Lead Spider-Man’s Villains

J. Jonah Jamesons Best MCU Future Is To Lead Spider Mans Villains

Warning:  SPOILERS for Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

Jameson is a classic Stan Lee character, dating back to the first issue of Marvel comics’ The Amazing Spider-Man in 1963, with his characteristic toothbrush moustache, flattop hairdo, and ever-present cigar. Jameson is a key nemesis of Spider-Man in both Marvel cinema and comics canon, and he has a tumultuous relationship with the hero, which usually manifests itself in him berating the web-slinger through various kinds of Daily Bugle media. Raimi’s Jameson is largely presented as a haughty jerk who despises Spider-Man above all else, and this trait appears to have carried over to the MCU, as evidenced by the TV broadcast that plays in the explosive Venom 2 post-credits scene.

Post Credits

J Jonah Jameson and Daily Bugle

While the J. Jonah Jameson revealed in the post-credits sequence in Venom: Let There Be Carnage does not appear to be a significant departure from Sam Raimi’s original vision, the multiverse’s narrative-warping abilities should not be overlooked in this case. The MCU has already admitted that recasting J.K. Simmons’ Jameson would be near-impossible, opting instead to bring back the Whiplash actor after a 12-year absence from Marvel productions.

Amazing Spider-Man #25


Following a series of perceived slights by the web-slinger, Jameson’s attitude toward Spider-Man turns deadly in The Amazing Spider-Man #25, at which time he intends to fight Spidey. Jameson enlists the help of a variety of villains who have previously defeated Spider-Man, including the crazy Professor Spencer Smythe. Smythe is a troubled genius capable of superior mechanical ingenuity, which Jameson funds in order to produce the wicked “Spider-Slayers.” This remote-controlled gadget displays Jameson’s face on a screen, allowing him to sneer at Spider-Man while the robot’s coiling steel arms suffocate his foe.

j jonah jameson / spider-man

Despite the fact that Spider-Man defeats every variation of Spider-Slayer thrown at him by the Daily Bugle editor, the MCU incorporating an evil Jameson would undoubtedly sabotage future Spider-Man sequels. Installing an actor with Simmons’ skills in a heavier, more frightening role would also allow for the development of other unexpected character pairings. Having Jameson command an evil army might open the door to the enticing potential of Spider-Man and Venom genuinely working together in the MCU’s Venom 3, possibly with a purview to an antihero concept like the Sinister Six for Venom’s character down the road. While none of this has been mentioned in the franchise, the MCU’s wise decision to resurrect fan favourite Simmons as Jameson demonstrates that they understand the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The MCU has the opportunity to make the next Spider-Man film the finest yet by using the universe to reimagine a darker J. Jonah Jameson.

Written by Prachee Mishra