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Ms. Marvel: All The Easter Eggs You Missed In The First Trailer

Ms. Marvel All The Easter Eggs You Missed In The First Trailer

The upcoming Marvel series, Ms. Marvel is set to be released on June 8, 2022. It will be available on Disney+. It is based on the Marvel comic character of the same name. A young Pakistani-American girl, Kamala Khan was the first Muslim Marvel character to get her own comic book. Created by  Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, and Jamie McKelvie, Kamala Khan first appeared in Captain Marvel #14. Before getting her own comic book. The young girl has the ability to shapeshift.

Ms. Marvel is going to be the seventh television series of MCU. Created by Bisha K. Ali, it is going to be in continuity with MCU movies. It will have six episodes in the first season and be a part of Phase Four of Marvel. The upcoming series has recently launched its first trailer, and Marvel fans are excited to watch the super girl in live-action. But there are some easter eggs in the trailer that you might have missed.

Kamala is a Huge Fan of The Avengers

Ms. Marvel is a Huge Avenger Fangirl
Kamala is a Huge Avenger Fan

It is quite easy to notice that in the very first shot of the trailer that Kamala Khan is drawing something in her notebook. And it is Ant-Man meeting an ant. Next, she is seen wearing a T-shirt that reads “Get in Formation” which is a reference to Beyonce’s Formation. It also has an illustration of Captain Marvel being flanked by Wasp and Valkyrie. She also is seen wearing the Captain Marvel uniform and has her poster on the wall. Even, later she is seen writing her own fanfiction on the avengers. Also, she imagines a battle between Ant-Man and her self-created character Man-Ant. This confirms that Ms. Marvel would soon be meeting the heroes she loves so much.

Moon Knight connection hinted in the trailer

Moon Knight connection hinted in Ms. Marvel trailer
Moon Knight connection hinted in the trailer

In the scene where Kamala is sitting and doodling in the class, there is a book lying on her desk. When the book comes into focus it is on World History. With Egyptian hieroglyphics and a Pharoah mask illustrated on the cover, it could be about the Egyptian civilization. And could be a clue to the connection of Ms. Marvel to Moon Knight. As Moon Knight is related to Egyptian mythology. And there are chances that it could be explored more in the upcoming series on the character. As Ms. Marvel is the first series to be released after Moon Knight, the trailer hints towards him. It could be that the character is studying the Moon Knight based on the events that would occur in his own series.

Red Dagger can be spotted in Ms. Marvel’s trailer

Red Dagger can be spotted in Ms. Marvel's trailer
Red Dagger can be spotted in Ms. Marvel’s trailer

In the new trailer, fans can spot an action piece where Ms. Marvel is seen battling or training with someone that looks a lot like Red Dagger. In the Ms. Marvel comic, Amaris Knight or Red Dagger eventually meets Kamala. He is too a Pakistani man named Kareem and a masked vigilante in New Jersey. Also, he is shown as the love interest of Kamala from time to time. The scene is a blink and miss cut. The man is wearing a scarf on his face and it is hard to tell if it really is Red Dagger. Or if the two characters are fighting or just training together. But if it really is Red Dagger, the fans would love to see another superhero from Marvel in live-action.

Source of Kamala’s new power and origin

Source of Ms. Marvel new power and origin
Source of Kamala’s new power and origin

According to the comic books, the source of Kamala’s powers is exposure to Terrigen Mist, which leads to the activation of Inhuman genes in her. Now, Inhumans aren’t joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon. So, Kamala is given an entirely different origin story in the upcoming series. And it has been hinted at in the trailer. This new set of powers will be activated through a wristband she wears halfway into the trailer. Many have pointed out that the band looks a lot like Nega-Bands from Captain Marvel. And they will be the source of her new power. She still has the ability to shapeshift, as we can see in the trailer. But other powers that she might have are still not clear. To some, it even looked a lot like a Quantum Band.

Circle Q is under attack

Circle Q is under attack in Ms. Marvel trailer
Circle Q is under attack

In the comic book, Circle Q serves as the base for Ms. Marvel. It is a convenience store in the comics whose upper floor is used to serve as her base. In a quick cut in the trailer, it is shown to be under attack. It could be that the villains in the upcoming series find out the secret base of the superhero and attack it. It could be done by the villains to drive her out of the base. Her friends from the comic book, Bruno and Nakia, are spotted in an earlier shot in the trailer in Circle Q. The scene of the attack is quite similar to Delmar-Deli’s Grocery exploding in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The people who spotted the scene are guessing that could be the moment Ms. Marvel realizes the meaning of being a superhero.

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