5 Reasons MCU Should Introduce Inhumans Next (& 5 Why It Should Be X-Men)

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MCU Phase 4 has already set events in motion. New heroes and villains will be coming to the Marvel movies. But should it be the X-Men or Inhumans?


Inhumans: The Groundwork Is Already There

The MCU has already laid up the foundation for the Inhumans. Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, the newest Disney+ MCU series, is an Inhuman in the comic books. Marvel Television has given us an entire show based on this race. The Kree, that created the Inhumans, are also present in the MCU. With such an amount of background story for the Inhumans already there, it is only a matter of time till the fans ask for more. The Inhumans have a better presence in the MCU than the mutants as of now. Marvel should exploit this.


X-Men: An Opportunity For A New Generation Of Heroes

The X-Men have a whole new array of heroes. Cyclops, Magik, Cable, Gambit, Storm, Iceman and the likes represent a generation of heroes that are not tied to the Avengers. Some of them may have been an Avenger at one point of time but they have carved out their own niche and legacy. If MCU gives the X-Men a chance, new superheroes not attached to the Avengers could take up the mantle of Earth’s Guardians – an interesting proposition.

Inhumans: Opens Up A Whole New Chapter Of Villains


Believe it or not, the Inhumans have some really intriguing antagonists. Some might say these villains would blow avengers villains out of the water. Maximus The Mad was driven into insanity by Black Bolt’s scream. His mind is now in constant turmoil but he never lost his genius level cunning and intellect. Lash hunts other Inhumans and comes with a diverse set of powers. Blastaar hails from the Negative Zone and Lineage as an inhuman crime lord even Black Bolt thinks twice before corssing paths with.

X-Men: Wolverine & Deadpool

That’s right. Wolverine & Deadpool are two of the greatest assets in the X-Men’s arsenal. Both the X-Men heroes are quite famous even amongst casual movie goers. Ryan Reynolds is the Merc With A Mouth. We don’t know who will be next Wolverine but we are hoping Hugh Jackman comes in for one more ride. If Marvel could bring Jackman and Reynolds together for one final time, it would be money well spent.


Inhumans: MCU Could Finally Embrace Agents Of SHIELD

For years, many fans have been left pretty vexed at the thought of how MCU treats Agents of SHIELD like an adopted child. Despite starting out as an MCU show, Marvel does not even recognize or acknowledge the series. It hurts. The show has some real connections to Inhuman history. Daisy is an Inhuman and there are lots of them in the AoS universe.

X-Men: Could Represent Some Glaring Real World Issues


The mutants of Marvel Comics face rampart discrimination in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The entire world loathes this new race just because of the way they were born. When Marvel Comics first created the mutants, it took inspiration from the Holocaust and the Civil Rights movement. The X-Men were the oppressed minority the world would do anything to stomp over. That is a topic still applicable today.

Inhumans: Black Bolt

If X-Men have Wolverine & Deadpool, the Inhumans have Black Bolt – King of their race. Black Bolt could fill the same role Captain America fills up in the MCU’s Avengers. Blessed and cursed with a quasi-sonic voice, Black Bolt’s scream is so strong it can literally tear open reality. So he chooses to remain functionally mute, only communicating via telepathy.


X-Men: Mutantkind Is Way More Diverse

Be it the Japanese Sunfire, the Brazillian Sunspot, the Indian Indra, the Japanese Armor, the Canadian Wolverine, or the Afghanistani Sooraya Qadir aka Dust, the X-Men have a more diverse range of heroes from all walks of life.

Inhumans: A Chance To Reboot Inhumans After The Show


One of the primary reasons fans would clamor for the Inhumans in the MCU is because of the dastardly show that ruined the Inhuman race’s reputation. The show has made everyone think the Inhumans are second rate heroes we can all live without. That is anything but true. Marvel needs to rectify this mistake at all costs.

X-Men: A Chance To Bring Back The Fox-Verse

Before the MCU even took hold of Hollywood, it was the Fox-Verse that reigned supreme. The X-Men movies were the pioneers of the superhero genre in the early 2000’s. They still enjoy a loyal and sizeable audience till date. Marvel could bank on the nostalgia factor to give us back the Fox-Verse in a new avatar in all its glory.



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