Agents of SHIELD Makes Big Connection to Captain America: The First Avenger


Agents of Shield confirm Captain America’s fan theory. The theory focused on Captain America and the Super Soldier Serum.

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Freddy Malick was given a vial of a green substance. Suddenly it clicked to all the fans that it was the super-soldier serum that gave the first Avenger his powers.



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There were many interesting things in the show this week

The broadcast of the second episode of “ Agents of shields” season 7, “Know Your Onions”, has aired.

There are many surprising revelations made in the show until now.


It is clear from the previous week’s episode, that Freddy was Wilfred Malick.

Also, we saw a woman giving Freddy a vile of green liquid last week. And in this week’s episode, we got to see it’s contents.


The fan theories said that the green serum was used to make the super-soldier serum.  This was the major reason due to which Captain America got his powers.

When the super-soldier serum was used on Hydra he turned into a Red Skull which took away all his humanity.


But it turned Steve Rogers into Captain America who is known as the Sentinal of liberty and became a hero over time.


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Jemma analyzes the spot of green liquid which she noticed on the woman’s shoes and concludes that the compound is a part of a formula, and the formula first appeared in Germany during World War II.

A German scientist, Abraham Erskine synthesized the formula, and Johann Schmidt first used it. Jemma also reveals that Freddy Malick will deliver the ingredient used to develop the Super Soldier Serum.


We see a debate between the members if they should kill Freddy in order to prevent the rise of hydra, but the character ultimately gets away.

It makes it clear that the events of Captain America: The First Avenger will remain the same without any changes in the current timeline.



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When the interviewers asked the Agents of shield producers if they are going to bump into more things from the MCU, they laughed off.


They teasingly said that they are going to bump into something more interesting. There’s still a doubt, but it won’t be surprising if the series ends up tying into the recent marvel movies.

Chloe Benett spoke in an interview about the surprise appearances in the final season. In the first two episodes, the fans were happy to see Patton Oswalt back.


Previously Bennett also assured the fans that they will be happy when the show ends. The thing that is more stirring is that there can be many endings. What do you think how will it end? Please share with us.

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