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Top 10 Captain America Scenes

The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan, good old boy Steve Rodgers has given us a great 9 years. From the First Avenger all the way to Endgame, countless moments show just how great of a man Steve truly is. Truly a force of inspiration around the world, both the fictional Earth 199999 and our own. From action packed stories to stealthy, low-key moments and everything in between, here are the top 10 Captain America scenes in the MCU.

10. Cap’s First Mission

In this First Avenger scene, Cap is struggling with himself. Knowing he should be doing a whole lot more for his country than he currently is. Selling bonds and becoming a symbol surely helps, but he knows he was meant for more. After learning of the 107th’s unfortunate situation, he defies orders and goes to save his fellow men. Stuck in a Hydra isolation cell is his best friend Bucky Barnes, who he helps escape as well. This scene has it all, the stealth necessary to sneak into the Hydra base, witty banter with Cap and Bucky, and action packed adventure all rolled into one. This scene also doubles as the first time Cap comes face to face with The Red Skull himself, Johann Schmidt.


9. Giving Orders to Gods and Humans

Far from the Nazi killing war of the 40’s, Cap is not away from his element. After Loki sends his army of Chitauri to terrorize New York, the Avengers start to whoop their butts. With a name like Captain America, the team looks to him for guidance. Several scenes in The Battle of New York show this, but none as good as this one. With the team all in one place, Cap lays out a plan that is sure to help them succeed. Speaking quickly and fluent to each members strong suits, the plan is set, and the game is nearing completion. Although short, it speaks to Cap’s strength, not just physically but mentally, showing he knows The Avengers one by one.


8. The Time Heist Speech

After more than a few years of leading the Avengers, Cap surely knows how to motivate. By Endgame, it’s almost second nature to him to give a powerful, motivating speech. And this one takes the cake. After learning they can get the Infinity Stones by jumping to alternate timelines, the team takes one last stand before saving everyone. One last hurrah before going back in time, Steve knows just what to say and how to say it. They’ve got a job to do, whatever it takes.


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7. Cap Almost Signs the Sokovia Accords

In Civil War, Steve is faced with a choice. Take responsibility for the destruction he and the Avengers have caused or not. The responsibility comes in the form of complete loss of control and choice to act. While he understands that there must be some action taken, he also knows that agendas can be changed. They need their right to choose. This scene shows the shattering friendship of Cap and Tony in a subtle and complex way. Tony tries, and fails, to get Steve to sign The Accords once he shows that Tony still lives in fear and want of control. Steve knows that although it may be illegal in the eyes of the law, it’s far better to choose himself where to be and who to fight.


6. The Howling Commandos Montage

Guns. Explosions. An angry Red Skull. This First Avenger montage shows the Howling Commandos, led by our own Captain America, fighting Hydra and winning. Featuring the first non-theatrical suit, Cap is now more than just a symbol. He shows that he is more than worthy of the moniker of Captain. Leading his men towards the battle for peace, and nearing closer to the end of the war with each fight won.


5. Saving the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hostages

In the Winter Soldier, Cap has had time to learn some new fighting styles. Combining his superhuman strength with complex MMA training, he truly is a force to be reckoned with. His blows show the heavy weight to them, and concentrated power. His leadership skills are also in play here, giving commands to his S.H.I.E.L.D. team before jumping off of the plane into the sea. Now both a spy and a soldier, Cap shows no signs of slowing down.  No, he wasn’t wearing a parachute on his way down. After all, does he really need to at this point?


4. Hail Hydra

In a reference to a somewhat controversial comic book panel, Cap utters the two words we’d never expect. During the time heist, we see him get into an elevator with some secret (at the time) Hydra soldiers. In this scene, building up to the fight we got in Winter Soldier, Cap has learned from his past. Just because he can fight, and knows he will win, doesn’t mean he needs to. Cap knows that the elevator is filled with Hydra, so he uses that to his advantage. In an effort to take Loki’s staff back to the future, he whispers into Sitwell’s ear to gain their trust and let him take it.


3. S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Taken Over by Hydra Speech

Another great speech given by Steve Rogers. By this point in Winter Soldier, Cap has just about had it. Hydra has been infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. over the years and he must take a stand. Taking over an intercom in the Triskelion, he tells everyone how it is. In a strong moment of clarity, those who can start to fight. Those who are Hydra fight as well, ending in a Civil War of sorts (pun intended).

Cap knows that he isn’t alone, that there are good people left in S.H.I.E.L.D., so he tells everyone. The beginning of the end for S.H.I.E.L.D. itself, it becomes a catalyst in the entire MCU and in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well. It all started with a powerful speech.


2. Cap Stands Alone

Steve is never one to give up, regardless of how bleak it seems. Even before his magnificent transformation by the super soldier serum, he’s never not gotten back up. Showing his best quality, Cap stands alone against Thanos and his entire army. Not knowing what is soon to come, he preps himself to fight harder than he ever has. A gorgeous scene showing one man versus many, he doesn’t need to say it, but he can do this all day.


1. Cap Wields Mjolnir

A moment fans have been waiting for since Age of Ultron, finally shown on the big screen. With some thinking that Captain America was holding back in that film, while others think he wasn’t truly worthy until after Civil War, when he needed to wield it, he did. With Steve holding the power of Gods in his hand, he takes that and gives Thanos a good pummeling. Hammer and shield within his grasp, he uses the best of both worlds and does it well, as if he was born to wield that power. A rallying cry from fans all over the world the first time they saw it in theaters, this is a highlight of Endgame and of Caps whole career on the silver screen. to quote Thor, “I knew it”. We all did.


Did we miss any scenes you think should be on this list? Comment below what your favorite Captain America scene is!

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