Chainsaw Man Part 2 May be Bringing Back Another Villain From Part 1 as Barem’s Ally

Chainsaw Man 145 is hinting at an alliance between Barem Bridge and the most powerful Devil

Chainsaw Man Part 2 May be Bringing Back Another Villain From Part 1 as Barem’s Ally


  • Chapter 145 of the Chainsaw Man manga was released on October 10, 2023 and stirred up the whole fandom.
  • The chapter saw the arrest of the Chainsaw Man Church members. It was revealed that the Justice Devil with whom they were contracting was already dead.
  • Barem Bridge, one of the higher members of the Church, sang a particular song, which hints at the possible return of the all powerful Darkness Devil.
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Chainsaw Man follows a bloody, hyper-violent, and gruesome plot, yet more and more people are getting attracted to it. They cannot help themselves since it is such an amazing manga created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The manga has even been adapted into an anime. Chainsaw Man manga is divided into two parts, with both revolving around a boy named Denji, who became a devil-human hybrid.


Chainsaw Man Part 1 had 97 chapters, and Part 2 commenced from Chapter 98. Chapter 145 is the latest chapter of the manga. The fandom was shocked to read the chapter. It hinted at the possible return of a certain character from Part 1. Even though it is still speculation at this point, the chapter clearly indicates the return of the Darkness Devil.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 145 Hints At The Return Of The Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil
Darkness Devil

People will know the Darkness Devil from Chainsaw Man Part 1. It was the most powerful devil, and even Makima could not defeat it. All they could do was flee from there. The Darkness Devil singlehandedly wiped out most of the Devil Hunters. The latest chapter of the Chainsaw Man manga hinted at the return of the Darkness Devil through Barem Bridge.


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The chapter featured the public safety officials who seized the Chainsaw Man Church and its members. The church has been using a fake Chainsaw Man to do their work. Then, the chapter shifted to a park where Barem Bridge was arrested. But he asked the officials to grant him a few minutes just to see the beautiful sunset. While enjoying the sunset, Barem Bridge began to sing ‘Kumbaya, My Lord.’

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

The page then shifted to the Public Safety Headquarters. Over there, the Public Safety officials revealed that the Devil, who was killed by the Falling Devil, was the original Justice Devil. The Chainsaw Man Church was revealed to have made contracts with the Justice Devil. But since it was dead, it hinted that there was another devil that they were making contracts with. This devil is none other than the Darkness Devil.


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Fans’ Reaction To The Latest Chainsaw Man Chapter

Chainsaw Man

The fans picked up the hint right away. They were excited to see such developments. The previous encounter with the Darkness Devil ended horrifically. They are hopeful that this time, it will be different. People picked up the Darkness Devil hint when Barem Bridge sang ‘Kumbaya, My Lord’ during the sunset.




The Darkness Devil gets a power boost in the darkness. After sunset, it will get dark. The ‘Kumbaya, My Lord’ song means to arise, come God, which is a clear indication that Barem Bridge is trying to call his Lord during the dark. It all points in the same direction. The netizens were quick with their reactions and posted their theories.

Barem Bridge
Barem Bridge From The Manga Panel

It looks like the church was cementing its connection with the most powerful devil. For the moment, it is just speculation. Until official confirmation, it remains a fan theory. The fandom is waiting for the next chapter to see what happens.


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