Chainsaw Man Finally Reveals the Identity of Major Part 2 Villain Following Justice Devil’s Death

Following the Death of Justice Devil, The Chainsaw Man manga has hinted at the return of a major villain in the series.

Chainsaw Man Finally Reveals the Identity of Major Part 2 Villain Following Justice Devil’s Death


  • Chainsaw Man chapter 145 has brought a lot of excitement and questions for the fans.
  • It has revealed the death of the original justice devil to the Public safety department.
  • It has also hinted at the return of the Darkness devil in the series for part 2.
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Chainsaw Man chapter 145 is one of the most thrilling and instructive publications in a long time from the series. On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, the Chapter was released, bringing the exciting continuation of Public Safety’s struggle against the Chainsaw Man Church. The episode is packed with both huge and minor mythology elements, which are equally thrilling and enjoyable. While fresh and intriguing developments unfold, fans now suspect that Barem is working with the Darkness Devil, paving the way for both characters to reappear in the coming weeks.

Denji - Chainsaw Man
Denji – Chainsaw Man

Chapter 145 has brought out many exciting moments in the story involving the death of the original Justice Devil. Fans also gain confirmation of a long-theorized Devil’s name, ensuring that the series provides a nice touch of fan service while simultaneously giving significant lore material.

Warning: Spoilers Alert


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The Death of the Real Justice Devil

The chapter begins with a member of public safety reporting that all Chainsaw Man Church chapters in Japan have been caught and their weapons confiscated. A lower-ranking member then informs them that the Devil Name Consultant wishes to speak with them. The Chapter then switches to an underground bunker, which contains the corpse of the Devil who was murdered by the Falling Devil. The Devil name consultant then informs the Public Safety officers that they have identified the Devil as the Justice Devil. The consultant then inquires whether the Chainsaw Man Church can still use the Justice Devil’s powers after its death, which the official confirms. The name consultant then argues that the Devil for whom they made contracts was never the Justice Devil.

Justice Devil
Justice Devil

The Death of the Justice Devil has opened a lot of questions for the series’ future and may even bring out an entirely different story for part 2.


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Chainsaw Man Hints at the Return of Darkness Devil

Many fans now assume that Barem, who was arrested by the Public Safety Department, is working with the Darkness Devil, paving the way for both characters to make a huge reappearance in the coming weeks. He did, however, request a minute from the Public Safety officers because it was sunset, which he described as “the most beautiful time of the day.” The episode then cut to Barem singing “Kumbaya, My Lord” as the sun set and he was jailed. All of this evidence points to the Darkness Devil’s reappearance.

Darkness Devil
Darkness Devil

Barem’s statement that sunset is the most beautiful time of day suggests that he is waiting for the night to use the Darkness devil’s power. Barem probably acted as a contractual mediator between the Darkness Devil and members of the Church, sealing their alliance.


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