“Change your review Sony has heard us”: Helldivers 2 Players Get Real Life Major Order – Wipe Out the 145,000 Negative Reviews

It is time soldiers of Super-Earth fulfil one more Major Duty to bring Helldivers 2 back to where it was.

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  • Helldivers 2 just went through a major controversy surrounding around a decision made by Sony.
  • The publishing studio decided to mandate the linking of a PSN account to continue playing, prompting players to put in negative reviews.
  • The decision was finally withdrawn, and it is now the fans' duty to bring the game back to where it was.
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The struggle against Sony might be finally over, but that does not mean soldiers of Super-Earth can sit back and relax yet, as one final Major Order remains for the players of Helldivers 2 to complete. While the community was able to convince the studio to not force an account-linking mandate, the means to get there were brutal, and it is about time they take it upon themselves to reverse the damage done and own up.

A still from Helldivers 2
Players have won the war against Sony.

Apart from the outcry, one of the unconventional methods used to force Sony’s hand was to put in a negative review for the title on its Steam storefront, causing it to lose all the reputation it had built over the months. Unfortunately, Arrowhead Studios, the ones responsible for developing the game were also caught in the crossfire and had to watch their years of hard work drain away due to this decision made by the community, and players now believe it is their responsibility to bring everything back to the way it was before.

Helldivers 2 Latest Major Orders – Time For Players To Step Up One More Time

Ever since Helldivers 2 came out, it has taught its players to work together in unison and spread democracy to wherever liberation is needed at the time. This is also the reason why the whole community was able to coordinate well when it came to putting in a negative review in order to challenge what Sony was potentially aiming for.

However, now that the company has given in to the demands and has officially taken a step back, pulling out the requirement to link a PSN account, it remains only fair that the community comes together once again and help the game gain back the image it had built over the months.

A still from Helldivers 2
Sony has taken back their decision to mandate a PSN account link

In retrospect, Sony ever since the beginning has shown nothing but concern for the safety of a player’s progress as well as stored data and information through the creation of a PlayStation Network Account. While some might believe that is just a guise for an ulterior motive, the company’s act to hear the community out and understand what it needs should be enough to make Sony’s case.

What Should Be The New Goal Of Helldivers 2 Players

It goes without saying how in the modern age, data is one of the most valuable sources a company can hold with itself. It is also what fans believe Sony was allegedly after as the studio tried to convince players on PC to create a PlayStation account. Luckily, despite holding the higher ground, the company gave in to the demands of the community, taking away the said mandate of account linking for good and showing by example how they might not be the bad guys after all.

Playstation Network
The community was able to convince Sony not to mandate a PSN account linking

As discussed before, now that everything is finally over, it is the duty of the soldiers of Super-Earth to come together once more and help Arrowhead Studios get Helldivers 2 back on track like it was before the controversy. Likewise, social media platforms are now filling up with posts urging people to leave a positive review instead, such as this post from Reddit stating “Change your review Sony has heard us”, explaining how it is time players finally step up and fulfill their responsibility after the studio has played its part.

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