“If they want my data so bad they can buy it from Google”: Fans Suggest Sony Might Just Be The Bad Guys After All as Studio Makes Life Harder for Helldivers 2 Players

Sony has possibly axed their own foot with this controversial move.

helldivers 2


  • Helldivers 2 has proven to be a massive success for Sony and Arrowhead Studios.
  • The giant is now forcing players on PC to connect a PlayStation account with their Steam Clients to continue playing.
  • This move has not been received well by players of the game.
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The ongoing console wars ever since the exclusive release of Arrowhead Studio’s Helldivers 2 on Sony’s PS5 have been ruthless, and the console giant has now taken a controversial step that might just prove they are in it for the money. This is also something that is going to make a lot of players leave the game for good, leaving the already outnumbered Super Earth Soldiers even more endangered than before.

A still from Sony's Helldivers 2
The giant has made a controversial move surrounding Helldivers 2

Starting soon, players will ultimately have to make a PlayStation Network account and link it to their Steam client if they want to continue playing the game. Something which is not going to sit well with a lot of the players.

Sony Forces The Hand Of Helldivers 2 Players On PC

The availability of the game on PS5 and PC had been considered a blessing by many players as it allowed those who did not want anything to do with Sony’s console still fight for Super Earth and spread liberation around the galaxy. Unfortunately, a recent notification was rolled out to players, revealing how a “grace period” for playing without being linked to a PlayStation account will soon be over and those who want to continue enjoying Helldivers 2 would need to follow through with the requirement.


Needing a separate account to play may be considered a standard norm by some, set by the likes of Overwatch requiring Battle.Net or GTA V needing Rockstar Social, but gamers still see it as bad faith, especially on Sony’s behalf, especially since they have announced such an absurd requirement months after the game’s release.

Helldivers 2 announcement
Official announcement calling gamers to link their PlayStation accounts

The official announcement for this change states that any new gamers joining the game after 6th May will be required to connect to a PlayStation Network account. It also mentions how already existing game players would start seeing the mandatory login from May 30th and would need to have linked their Steam and PS Network accounts by June 4th positively.

How Sony Might Have Just Shot Their Own Foot

The news of the mandatory linking of PlayStation network accounts has spread like wildfire on social media platforms in just a few hours since it was announced. As noted by the comments on this post uploaded on Helldivers 2’s official subreddit, players are not exactly cheerful about the coming change to their favorite game, with some even threatening to leave for good.


A user even mentioned “F*ckin Sony. If they want my data so bad they can buy it from Google like everyone else”, alleging how the studio is ultimately after the large amounts of personal data they can obtain from players if they sign up for PlayStation network. They also state how Sony has the option of “buying” the said data from Google, accusing the search engine and advertising giant of hoarding user information and selling it for profit.

The comment could also be a jab at Google’s recent class-action lawsuit, which was finally settled after the company agreed to delete users’ private Incognito browsing data.

A still from Sony's Helldivers 2
The studio is now receiving backlash from players online.

While Arrowhead Studios might have achieved massive success with the release of their latest game, they have faced nothing but obstacles in their path. In addition to Sony’s shenanigans, the developers of the game have also been called out for not making a Stratagem strong enough to get rid of Bile Titan in one shot.


Helldivers 2 is available to purchase on Steam.

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