“I’m failing to see the logic here”: Helldivers 2 Faces Backlash for One of the Strongest Stratagems Not Being Able to One-shot Bile Titans

Fans have begun to question why this particular stratagem can prove to be underwhelming in Helldivers 2.

“I’m failing to see the logic here”: Helldivers 2 Faces Backlash for One of the Strongest Stratagems Not Being Able to One-shot Bile Titans


  • There have been a lot of rising challenges with Helldivers 2 ever since its release.
  • Players have put forward how Oribital Railcannon fails to get rid of Bile Titan when it should be able to do the same easily.
  • A player has also mentioned how the coming times will inevitable bring an enemy type tougher than the Bile Titan.
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While Sony’s Helldivers 2 might have managed to maintain the retention rate of players, the community has often expressed disappointment when it comes to balancing the arsenal available in the game. The fight for spreading democracy and liberation across the galaxy is endless, and according to fans, soldiers of Super-Earth should have adequately powered weapons until it is finally over.

A still from Helldivers 2
Fans are complaining about the balancing of weapons in the game

The most recent concern the community has raised is how a particular Stratagem fails to meet what the players expect of it. While stratagems serve as a huge relief for players in times of need just like this one, it fails to get rid of one specific enemy it should be able to defeat easily.

Why The Effectiveness Of A Stratagem Is Being Criticised In Helldivers 2

As pointed out by this user on Reddit, the Orbital Railcannon strike is a stratagem that lacks in a particular field. The user comments on how while the stratagem is able to penetrate the heavy armor on a Hulk, Tank, and other similar resistances, it fails to pierce to armor of the Bile Titan.


The main concern they have put forward is how despite being showcased as a powerful weapon, the Oribital Railcannon fails to achieve an expected task of helping eliminate the Bile Titan. Another challenge for the stated stratagem called out by the user was how inevitably new enemy types will be added soon, and some of them are potentially going to have the ability to tank more than one Railcannon shot, just like the Bile Titan.

A still of Bile Titan in Helldivers 2
Bile Titans are the most power Terminids in Helldivers 2.

Furthermore, a stratagem not being powerful enough to get rid of Bile Titan is not the only issue fans are facing right now. Many have complained on social media platforms about how the mechanic of fire in the game might just be too hot for players to handle, prompting even a community manager of Helldivers 2 to comment on the same.

Why Fire Is A Little Too Overpowered Right Now

As mentioned before, fans have complained about how the fire is not at all balanced in the game. For those who are not keeping track of how it has been in recent times, flamethrower-wielding Automatons and random fire tornadoes have been able to turn the player to crisp within the blink of an eye, causing a nuisance for a lot of players.

A still of a player using flamethrower in Helldivers 2
Flame is a little too overpowered right now in-game

Twinbeard, a known community manager for the game has admitted through Helldivers 2’s official discord channel how the state of fire in the game right now is ‘ridiculously’ overpowered. However, he has also reassured the player base by mentioning how the whole mechanic is under rework by the studio, going over every single element of how it works and how to improve it further.

Helldivers 2 is available to purchase on Steam.

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