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10 TV Characters Who Wouldn’t Be Able To Afford Their Wardrobes In Real Life

10 TV Characters Who Wouldnt Be Able To Afford Their Wardrobes In Real Life

Have you ever noticed the wardrobe of TV show characters!? Aren’t they a bit unrealistic? They surely are. But have you ever thought about how they can afford these fantastic dresses and branded shoes with a job as a waitress or a homeless high school student!? Let’s look at these TV characters who wouldn’t be able to afford their wardrobes in real life.

1. Rachel Green From Friends: Rachel became the fashion icon of almost every girl who watched ‘Friends’. But it’s insane that she has the money to buy a fabulous dress and everything else with a job as a waitress. However, I, too, loved her chic style.

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2. Carrie Bradshaw From ‘Sex And The City’: From her designer shoes to dresses, everything she owns was way out of Carrie’s budget. She used to write one article per week for a popular magazine. So how do you think she was able to afford a fancy lifestyle!? How could she afford those $40,000 shoes with that salary?


3. Jughead From ‘Riverdale.’ Jughead wore denim jackets, hoodies and the famous Southside serpent leather jacket in the show. But being a high school student with no job and even his parents were kind of unemployed. How was he able to arrange those expensive leather jackets!? He even wore a suit in some episodes!!

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4. Ashley Davenport From ‘Revenge.’ Ashley works as an assistant to Victoria Grayson, who was the Queen of the Hamptons. As a part of her assistant job, she wore some beautiful designer gowns. But she wasn’t the Queen, so how was she able to afford those gowns to every high society event!?

5. Marnie Michaels From ‘Girls’: Marnie wore Michael Kors sweatpants, stunning dresses, and she was an assistant at an art gallery. It doesn’t match, right!? She didn’t even have a permanent job; she worked as a musician, a restaurant hostess.


6. Nikki Swango From ‘Fargo.’: In ‘Fargo’ season 3, Nikki’s character was introduced and came into the spotlight after wearing those lovely striped fur coats, purple leather jackets and some revealing tops. Though she never had a real job in the show.

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7. Jessica Day From ‘New Girl’: Jessica owns a whole closet of cute and pretty dresses. Her wardrobe gives a Disney Princess vibe. And this kind of wardrobe is still a dream for many girls out there. However, the point here is she is a teacher in Los Angeles, and a teacher can’t afford a closet as Jessica has. Also, you’ll never see her repeating any outfit!

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8. Rachel Zane From ‘Suits.’ She fabulously wore every outfit. From pencil skirts to crisp button-downs to those heels. But how is she able to arrange everything with an average salary!?

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9. Penny From ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ From all the people mentioned above, Penny’s style was the most practical and wearable too. Though we usually don’t wear a brand new shirt every day.

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10. Daenerys Targaryen From ‘Game Of Thrones’: Ending the list of Characters Who Wouldn’t Be Able To Afford Their Wardrobes In Real Life, with none other than Daenerys Targaryen from Game Of Thrones. She wore leather from head to toe and changed outfits with locations. She wore the most fantastic fur coat. Without even having a job, she could afford to wear these fancy things.

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