The Big Bang Theory: 10 Impossible Flaws Fans Chose To Ignore

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It is one of the most popular sitcoms in the planet. But the Big bang theory comes with its own set of flaws. These are flaws that we can no longer ignore.


The POC Character Is Used As a Punching Bag

We commend The Big Bang Theory to have managed to be not as white as the other characters. It still has its own set of flaws though. Considering the fact that the show is set in California, there are little to know non-white core cast members. Moreover, the only POC character they have is somehow the butt of many insensitive jokes on color, ethnicity, and religion. The show passes it off as on the face comedy but when the POC character is ridiculed for his heritage for 12 entire seasons, you know something is wrong. Moreover there are no Latinx characters in the show, a community found extensively in the Californian circle.


Howard And Sheldon Manage To Have Jobs

A brilliant mind may be a gift to mankind. But as long as the mind is undisciplined, it is a broken tool. Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz are both brilliant men of science. Sheldon has won the highest of accolades in his field. Howard has been to space. he is a respected figure in the field of engineering. But there’s no way anybody, even people as talented as Sheldon and Howard, would have been able to survive in the University. They have had repeated run-ins with the HR department. Howard is known to harass women. Sheldon makes racist and sexist comments. The latter was once even fired from the University. He was then brought back in because he was too brilliant to let go. in the real world, that will never be the case.

Sheldon Never Really Has a Spot


Hardcore Big Bang theory fans know that nobody must dare sit on Sheldon’s spot. Hell hath no fury like Sheldon scorned. Sheldon is very particular about his spot. That spot seems to be the very center of all creation for him. If anybody else other than him sits there, its the end of days. Despite being obsessed with his spot, Sheldon has been very tolerant at times when somebody else occupies that zone. He makes only a small fuss about it and lets it go. But at other times, he acts as if its the Doomsday. The show’s writers make Sheldon throw a tantrum only  when they write a joke into it.

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Whatever Happened To Penny’s Friends


Raj, Howard, Sheldon, Leonard, Bernadette, and Amy are people who do not look like they have a lot of friends. They are introverts and their circle is small. Penny on the other hand is an extrovert and a very outgoing person. She has a lot of friends, many of whom have made appearances in earlier seasons. but as time passed by, Penny’s friends no longer came into the show. Penny started making friends with the core characters. It seemed odd that so many friends of Penny’s magically disappeared without a trace or mention.

The Big Bang Theory: The Cringe Laugh Tracks

The laugh tacks seem like they were on trend when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. they are so twentieth century now. The Big Bang Theory clung to this draconian piece of sitcom entertainment since the very first season. Most of the world had moved on from the cringe laugh tracks. Popular shows like Modern Family and Brooklyn 9-9 excel in the same genre without the laugh tracks. A popular show like The Big Bang Theory clinging on to the same tactic for 12 entire seasons sound redundant and useless.


Howard Was Never Qualified To Be An Astronaut

Being an Astronaut is one of the highest honors top be bestowed on any person. The opportunity to visit and explore the final frontier is something that only comes to a chosen few. These chosen few people have to be extremely talented and skilled, mentally and physically, to even pass the series of tests before you are even evaluated for the position of an astronaut. Howard has many health issues. He should have failed the medical examinations. The last minute replacement excuse is not enough for NASA to strap a medically unsound man to a rocket and send him into space. Also, Howard is allergic to nuts – one of the staple foods of astronauts in space.

Sheldon’s Memory In Th Big Bang Theory Is Not That Eidetic


We will just site one example of how things become so inconsistent with Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. One example is when Sheldon let the die decide his fate from now on. Instead of making decisions, he would cast the die and accordingly, draw conclusions. Every time he rolled the dice, he jotted down the numbers on a notepad. If he has memory photographic enough he could perfectly recall events when he hadn’t even gotten out of his diaper, how come he needed a notepad to write down simple die roll numbers?

Penny Should Not Be Able To Afford Her Own Apartment

When Penny moves into the apartment next door, people quickly realize she is the polar opposite of Sheldon and Leonard. Unlike the two, she is not that bright and is an extrovert. As veteran physicists, Sheldon and Leonard earn quite a substantial amount of money. Even still, they had to split the rent for their apartment. On the other hand, Penny is just a waitress. And yet she is able to afford the rent for her apartment all on her own. That is indeed a massive plot hole the show chose to ignore.


The Roommate Agreement Is Sheldon’s Greatest Lie

The Roommate agreement is what Sheldon drummed up before he met Leonard. Leonard and Sheldon had to agree on the terms and conditions of the agreement no matter what. But many a times, both have violated their terms without the other person noticing. For example, Sheldon was once obsessed with cats, a clear violation of the Roommate Agreement. Leonard has brought in tons of women into the apartment unannounced. The agreement states that the tenant must let the other part know strangers are visiting 12 hours in advance.

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The Big Bang Theory Pokes Fun At Geekdom

Now this is indeed a stereotype many people would not have managed to notice. This is a running gag in the show. It basically states that if you are a geek, you have to be an introvert, not that attractive, and socially awkward. If you like superheroes or movies and shows piqued your interest, you have to have a certain set of qualities. many people state the show loses its charm because it tries to subtly make fun of people by riding on common stereotypes.


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