Charlie Cox’s Daredevil To Appear in Secret Invasion (EXCLUSIVE)

Charlie Cox's Daredevil To Appear in Secret Invasion

FandomWire and Popcorned Planet can exclusively reveal that fan-favorite actor Charlie Cox will return as everyone’s favorite vigilante, Daredevil! Cox’s Daredevil will have a role to play in the upcoming Disney+ series, Secret Invasion!

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Cox is also set to reprise his Netflix role in the untitled Spider-Man 3 movie as Matt Murdock, Peter Parker’s lawyer. The series which was announced on Disney‘s Investors Day stars Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Ben Mendleson’s Talos as they fight against a sect of Skrulls who’ve secretly invaded Earth.

What This Means

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While Feige has gone on the record to say that the TV side of the Marvel universe doesn’t quite connect to the MCU, fans will no doubt be very happy to see the continuing adventures of Cox’s Daredevil. Today, Disney has reacquired the rights to Jessica Jones and The Punisher. Comic book fans are hopeful that each actor will be available to reprise their Netlfix roles within the larger MCU.

Netflix’s Daredevil Recap

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In the series finale, Matt intends to kill Wilson Fisk. He then kidnaps and interrogates Manning, learning that Vanessa ordered Nadeem’s death, and Fisk ordered Julie’s. Foggy meets with Nadeem’s wife Seema, to whom he sent a video message that serves as his dying declaration, detailing all of Fisk’s crimes. Matt tells Dex about Julie’s death, which Dex investigates and finds her body. Fisk and Vanessa get married at the hotel, but their reception is interrupted when Karen distributes Nadeem’s video on social media, followed by the arrival of Dex, who attacks Fisk and Vanessa.

Matt soon joins the fight. Fisk defeats Dex, leaving him paralyzed, while Matt overpowers and beats Fisk but chooses to spare his life. Fisk agrees to return to prison and leave Karen and Foggy alone if Matt does not reveal Vanessa’s involvement in Nadeem’s death. With Fisk arrested, a funeral is held for Lantom. Foggy suggests to Matt and Karen that they all start working together again. Dex later goes through experimental surgery to fix his spine.


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