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“Choke the fu-king life out of him”: Wesley Snipes Was Ready to Risk His Life Against Joe Rogan to Pay His $23,500,000 Debt

Actors having fights is a pretty common thing in the Hollywood industry. A fight between Joe Rogan and Wesley Snipe, however, became too much of a public spectacle back in 2005. With Rogan hosting his daily dosage of wisdom, the comedian talked about his fight with Wesley Snipe which could have been bad.

Talking about it in his podcast, Joe Rogan fired shots at Snipes who was in trouble for the crime of tax evasion. Hoping to get the best of both worlds, the Blade actor challenged Rogan to a fight to pay off his debt. Wesley Snipes decided to change his mind at the last moment and Rogan could not feel more proud of himself for making Snipes back out.

Wesley Snipes Blade
Wesley Snipes in Blade (1998)

When Wesley Snipes Backed Out of a Fight With Joe Rogan

Back in 2005, the duo had an argument for reasons unknown to the public. During that time, the American actor was under the eye of the IRS for charges related to tax evasion. As per the reports, Wesley Snipes owed the IRS a whopping $23.5 million!

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Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

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And to alleviate that debt, Snipes challenged then-MMA fighter Joe Rogan to fight it in a match between the two. In hopes of winning the match, Snipes wanted to clear his debt from the earnings that he would get but for reasons unclear, the actor decided to back out at the last moment! Joe Rogan couldn’t get enough praise for being a tough fighter and he recently revealed his plans if the match were ever to happen.

“He realized I was going to choke the s**t out of him. [I’d] grab that guy and choke the f***ing life out of him.” 

Failing to clear off his debt, Wesley Snipes was charged with two accounts and was sent to jail. The actor has tried to make a recovery since but has had no luck getting back the spotlight.

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Wesley Snipes’ Career Failed To Take Flight

Wesley Snipes at Comic-Con
Wesley Snipes at Comic-Con

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After his release from prison, Snipes tried to get back into the Hollywood business but it had already been far too late. Rumors and speculated reports had already done their damage and no one was ready to work with Snipes again. There were also allegations that the actor tried to choke the Blade: Trinity director David S. Goyer. Snipes clearly denied the allegations and it was never proven.

The actor is currently attached to two upcoming projects titled Back on the Strip and Paper Empire. Both projects are currently in the post-production stage of development and have a speculated release date of sometime in 2023. As for Joe Rogan, he enjoys a life of podcasts and appearances. The Joe Rogan Experience is available to stream on Spotify.

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