“He’s been captured by witchcraft, he lives in hell”: Joe Rogan Felt Will Smith Was Always on the Verge of Crying, Blamed Jada Pinkett Smith

"He’s been captured by witchcraft, he lives in hell": Joe Rogan Felt Will Smith Was Always on the Verge of Crying, Blamed Jada Pinkett Smith

Joe Rogan is one of America’s most influential commentators and hosts. The 55-year-old commentator/podcast host never holds back his opinions on any subject. He expresses things the as they are, which often leads to controversies.

Joe Rogan talks about Will Smith
Joe Rogan talks about Will Smith

Rogan frequently comments on various famous actors and actresses, and always provides an intelligent viewpoint. Rogan had to say something about Oscar-winning actor Will Smith last month, and he didn’t hold back as he talked about Smith’s acting. 

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Joe Rogan Says Will Smith is a Mess 

Will Smith at an event
Will Smith at an event

Joe Rogan addresses an array of topics and makes comments about numerous Hollywood actors and actresses. On his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, he shares his point of view. Many people listen to his podcast and they enjoy and admire Rogan’s witty remarks. 

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In May 2023, Rogan spoke about the Men In Black actor Will Smith. Everyone thought it maybe once again about his infamous Oscar controversy, but Rogan went another road and talked about Smith’s incredible acting skill. While explaining his thoughts on Smith’s acting, Rogan said,

“He’s an amazing actor, right? He shows emotion in his film, it’s so real. The guy’s probably always on the verge of crying, it’s probably a mess.”

The 55-year-old critic also stated that he believes the 54-year-old actor was caught using violence because of his strained relationship with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith

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Jada Pinkett Smith cheated on Will Smith with her son’s friend 

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

When Pinkett Smith confessed that she cheated on Smith, many Smith fans were caught by surprise. The 51-year-old actress was with August Alsina, who was Jaden Smith’s close friend. As Alsina was very close to the Smith family, many people thought for Smith it was a knife at the back. Pinkett Smith explained that she wanted to heal Alsina as he was going through several mental issues when she and Alsina bonded. While explaining her relationship with Alsina, Pinkett Smith said,

“I started a friendship with August and we actually became really, really good friends. I got into a different kind of entanglement with August. It was a relationship, absolutely. I was in a lot of pain. I was very broken. In the process of that relationship, I definitely realized you can’t find happiness outside of yourself.”  

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Even after the Girls Trip actress admitted cheating on the 54-year-old actor, he refused to divorce Pinkett Smith. Regardless of their hidden difficulties, the Aladdin star was seen standing up for his wife at the Oscars 2022 after Chris Rock mocked the actress. The actor couldn’t control his anger and smacked Rock on the stage. Smith won the Best Actor Oscar for his film King Richard, but his infamous slap controversy took away all the limelight, unfortunately. Many people thought it was unacceptable behavior by such an iconic actor. 

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