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“This was John Wick before John Wick”: Keanu Reeves is Cool But Nothing Beats Tom Cruise’s Gun Fight in ‘Collateral’ For Joe Rogan

"This was John Wick before John Wick": Keanu Reeves is Cool But Nothing Beats Tom Cruise's Gun Fight in 'Collateral' For Joe Rogan

Tom Cruise is the epitome of the phrase ‘Hollywood star.’ Steven Spielberg, at the 2023 Academy Awards luncheon, thanked him for saving Hollywood with Top Gun 2 which grossed $1.4 billion worldwide. The star is known for doing his own stunts, and looks cool as well as suave off-screen and on-screen.

So it seems like there’s nothing the actor can’t do. Even though, he’s known globally for the Mission Impossible franchise or the Top Gun films, the artist in him has shined in movies like Collateral. In fact, popular podcaster Joe Rogan thinks that Tom Cruise’s character in that film was John Wick-esque.

Joe Rogan Is In Awe Of Tom Cruise’s Smooth Action Ability

Tom Cruise in Collateral
Tom Cruise in Collateral

On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the host couldn’t help but gush about action superstar Tom Cruise. Rogan and his co-host then moved on to talking about Cruise’s film, Collateral, where the star played the character of an assassin called Vincent. Directed by Michael Mann, the film grossed $220 million on a $65 million budget.

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Fandomwire Video
Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

The podcast hosts complimented the Top Gun star’s ability to portray the innate darkness of the character. Here’s how the conversation went:

Joe Rogan: “That guy (Tom Cruise) flies jets, he jumps off buildings, I am telling you Scientology seems to work for him.” 

Co-host: “My favorite one of him is collateral… It’s the f**kin best. There’s a darkness to him that he f**king keeps buttoned up and when he gets to play the f**kin assassin, the real evil guy, you are like whoa this is working you know.” 


Joe Rogan: “Or Lestat from Interview with a Vampire.”

Co-host: “Lestat is awesome but that movie is so campy in certain ways, like you see flashes of the villain, but here he’s the f**kin hitman.” 

Joe Rogan: “You 100% believe it.” 

The two of them then discussed a clip from the film where Cruise’s character drew a gun quickly to shoot down two of his opponents. This particular moment impressed them so much that they termed the star “John Wick before John Wick.”

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Joe Rogan Can’t Believe Tom Cruise Has Superior Shooting Skills In Collateral 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Joe Rogan and his co-host were impressed by Tom Cruise’s shooting skills in Collateral. They couldn’t believe that the star was able to draw the gun so quickly. The entire action came off as professional and yet believable. Rogan said most actors failed to do so. He stated:

“You have to practice to draw in a close range and make it completely believable. You know there are scenes in a movie where a guy pulls a gun, and he shoots the other guy and you’re like okay sure I’ll suspend disbelief.” 

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John Wick
John Wick

His co-host then said, “This was John Wick before John Wick.” Rogan then thought if any Hollywood star had shown this level of expertise in stunts and action sequences before, and came up with only one name- Buster Keaton. This just goes on to show how unique of a star Tom Cruise is and how unmatched he is in the industry till now.

Collateral is available on Netflix.


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