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‘One Sucked, One Was Great’: Fans Blast Chris Evans in Lightyear as Marvel Fans Come To Defend the Former MCU Star From Twitter Trolls

Social media is buzzing about the Disney Pixar movie that follows the journey of astronaut Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Chris Evans. It was first debuted in “toy form” in 1995’s Toy Story. The most awaited film was particularly developed around the space hero who inspired the toy.

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Chris Evans' Buzz Lightyear receives hate from Tim Allen fans
Chris Evans’ Buzz Lightyear receives hate from Tim Allen fans

People are talking about the film’s lack of preference to push the envelope on the originality of the idea is all the more glaring because the background did leave such scope by presenting two different avatars of Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans voiced Buzz Lightyear the hero in the film that Andy watches, just as Tim Allen had voiced Andy’s toy Buzz Lightyear in the old Toy Story hits. It’s a film that imaginatively aimed possibilities of a story using both the avatars of Buzz might have been interesting.

Fans Throwing Politics Over Buzz Lightyear Recast With Chris Evans Over Tim Allen

Fans gets offended by Chris Evans' Lightyear
Fans get offended by Chris Evans’ Lightyear

According to, On social media, some speculated that politics is the main issue.

“Political differences between the two actors, with Evans being known for liberal ideals while Allen is among Hollywood’s outspoken conservatives.”

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Many fans on social media tried to explain that within the Toy Story universe Chris Evans was the astronaut and Tim Allen is the toy version. On a recent Thursday morning, the conversations became quite active on Twitter, highlighting how social media has the potential to make every single issue political this day. Susan Campbell, a prominent lecturer in the Communication, Film and Media Studies Department at the University of New Haven said that:

“I wish what we were talking about is why we need another film in this series in the first place, Instead we’re talking about Allen’s politics. I just want everyone to take a breath and step down.”

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Fans are blasting hate on recasting Buzz Lightyear
Fans are blasting hate on recasting Buzz Lightyear

Yet, even if this wasn’t the actual case, franchises are often rebooted, with new personalities stepping in, and even in long-running series roles are changed all the time. A prize-winning journalist addressed:

“Tim Allen is 68 and it is well within the artistic process and is actually quite common to change actors. I really didn’t know much about Tim Allen’s politics, but I wouldn’t quit watching his shows or movies even though I strongly disagree with many of his views, But today we make everything so political, especially on social media.”

While the variation between the characters themselves is subtle, some fans of the films have taken note of the recasting positively.

Lightyear was released on June 17, 2022.

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Written by Shreeparna Das