‘Wanted To Go Head-to-Head With Tim Allen’: Tom Hanks Unhappy With Lightyear Replacing Tim Allen With Chris Evans

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Tom Hanks is unhappy with Lightyear for replacing Tim Allen with Chris Evans. He is not sure about him taking over. While the talk and controversies go on among fans, Tom Hanks is himself confused about Time Allen. The two actors have previously been the lead cast of The Toy Story Franchise, as Woody and Buzz. They were two favorite toys of Andy, and they had gone on great adventures together and made memories, until one day Andy grew up and left his toys behind. The two characters received loved from all over the world for their performance because they carried the movies on their backs the whole time.

Toy Story
Toy Story

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What made Chris Evans take over the role?

Chris Evans as Buzz
Chris Evans was the voice actor for Buzz in Lightyear

Lightyear is the origin story of the space adventurer the toy is based on, in the in-universe fictional space adventure. The movie’s story is based on him exploring his early days when he was Space Ranger, and he tries to escape his crew from the maroon planet. As the storyline is shifting its center point from the toys, Chris Evans has taken up the role of Buzz from Tim Allen. The film has not gotten any high reviews and the fans have been upset about the performance. Hence, The franchise is thinking about recasting Lightyear.

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What are the views of Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks in toystory
Tom Hanks was the voice actor for Woody

While he was asked questions regarding the debate about the Lightyear cast, he said he was confused about the role and does not have much surety regarding it. He said that he felt weird when his co-star’s role was given to Chris Evans because he has been working with Tim for a long time. He said he does not understand whether the decision was right or not, because when he watches the movie he wants to find something common like the rest of the people.

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What did Tim Allen say on being re-casted?

Tim Allen in Toy Story
Tim Allen was the voice actor for Buzz Lightyear

Tim Allen finally broke the debate issues and said that the studio executives that were in charge of the Toy Story movies were not the ones behind the spinoff. He also says that he does not think that there are any major connections to the mainline films. Although he says the movie was beautiful. Tom Hanks said that the audience’s mixed response to Lightyear is due to the recasting and the lack of other characters from the original movies.

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