Chris Hemsworth and Netflix’s Extraction Ending Explained

Disclaimer: Spoilers for the movie ahead!

Netflix recently released a movie called Extraction. Starring Chris Hemsworth as the titular hero, the film was a significant success for the streaming service. The plot of the movie was set in India and was very well received by the audience. Joe Russo wrote the screenplay for the film, which is an action thriller and follows Hemsworth as a mercenary assigned with the task of rescuing a crime lord’s son. However, the movie’s twisted ending has put many viewers into a fix regarding the possibility of a potential sequel for it in the future.  

What happened in Extraction’s ending?

What happened in Extraction's ending?
A still from Extraction

Extraction ends with Hemsworth’s character Tyler Rake getting shot in the neck. The mission that Tyler is assigned is completed successfully. However, the movie’s climax features him getting shot and falling off a bridge into a river. Rake manages to get a last look at the kid he saved as well as his team before falling.   

Alternative ending?

Alternative ending?
Hemsworth as Tyler Rake

But things got even more perplexing for Extraction viewers as they seem to observe Rake in the final seconds of the movie. The kid which he saved is shown swimming in his school. Interestingly, a Rake-sized figure of a man appears to lurk in the background. A blurry shot of the man seems to have convinced viewers that Tyler Rake is indeed alive.  

Future of the movie?

Future of the movie?
Will we see an Extraction sequel in the future?

There is a belief among most people that Rake is indeed alive, as shown in the final sequence of the movie. However, there has not been any official statement from either the director or Netflix regarding the rumors. An action hero is seldom killed off in a movie, and certainly not in the way as shown in Extraction. With the movie trending number one Netflix worldwide, there exists a robust possibility of a potential sequel.   

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