Chris Pine to star in reboot of “The Saint” for Paramount


Keeping the audience entertained is one of the aspects of Hollywood. Many novels, book series, and mythological Legends are made into successful movies. Mostly famous and successful books and sometimes comics are used to make movies. Even old movies are remade to capture fans. However, there are many rebooted films that are successful and sometimes a flop. One of the recent reboot projects is the 1997 movie, “The Saint.” 

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THE SAINT (1997)

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The 1997 movie is an espionage thriller. This spy film starred Val Kilmer, directed by Phillip Noyce. The anti-hero is loosely based on the character Simon Templar from the book series written by Leslie Charteris from 1928 to 1983. the name Saint comes from the initials of the character S.T. this guy is a humorous robin hood like character. Also, some movie series are made from these Books in the later 19’s. Furthermore, this character is to be taken up by Chris Pine in the upcoming reboot. The production team has considered a great deal on rebooting the movie because of the considerable fan rate for the old novel series.



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In the old movie, the anti-heroic Saint is technically advanced in a theft. Moreover, he has many undercover disguised names. Dexter Fletcher has signed up to direct the reboot movie. But the rewritten script is rumored to be a heist like a spy movie. Even if the old film was financially successful, The general audience was not satisfied. Lorenzo Di Bonaventure Will produce this reboot. However, the production date is still unknown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fletcher crew will have to work hard to carve a good movie from the old 1920s novel. However, this film may retain some crucial moments in the book, unlike the 1997 version. 



The directors are keeping Chris Pine in Frontline for the antagonist. Moreover, Pine’s universal look is very approachable to the main character plot. But his natural action reflexes in both “unstoppable” and “a wrinkle in time” gives him a good prospective for a spy related movie. Will starring Chris in the reboot make it a success over its older version? So it’s a hope from the producers that the movie will make a mark in this century. This means that there are few good movies to expect from Hollywood after the quarantine.


Here’s look at the 1997 trailer of The Saint:

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