“Chris Pratt is just not a good action star”: Despite $2 Billion Success in MCU, Chris Pratt Has Not Impressed His Critics As an Action Star

"Chris Pratt is just not a good action star": Despite $2 Billion Success in MCU, Chris Pratt Has Not Impressed His Critics As an Action Star
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Chris Pratt is incredible in what he does and no one can say otherwise. With movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Bride Wars, and Onward, the actor’s range is pretty clear. Whether it is action, comedy, or romance, Chris Pratt knows how to do it all! Not only does he know how to do it all, he somehow manages to knock it straight out of the park every time.

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

Whether you like it or not, Chris Pratt has recently become the face of action flicks thanks to his roles in movies like Jurassic World and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while people really love him in everything he does, a large percentage believes that the actor is better off doing roles that do not require him to be an action star.

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Is Chris Pratt Not Good Enough as an Action Star?

Chris Pratt in the Jurassic World
Chris Pratt in Jurassic World

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A lot of people love watching Chris Pratt put a humorous spin on his action roles, especially in the $2 billion franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy. However, it looks like there is a group of people who are not impressed by this, at all. In a thread on Reddit, users came together to discuss actors who get the wrong roles all the time. From Liam Neeson to Dwayne Johnson, many famous names came up in the discussion, including Pratt.

Pratt’s name was mentioned side-by-side with another beloved actor, Ryan Reynolds. The thread was of the opinion that both of these actors keep getting cast in action roles when they should not be. The user wrote,


“I put these guys in the same example because they are basically the exact same in their career. They played comedians who’s careers were in a mediocre space before being Kickstarted again by a Marvel movie. Now almost everyone movie they are in are these Netflix/Prime BlockBuster summer hits (Pratt playing in more big name roles like Jurassic World). But they are so god*mn dull and full of anything meaningful.”

The user went on to say that while both Pratt and Reynolds try to add personality to these roles with their humor, it comes off as downright “annoying.” Another user replied stating, “Chris Pratt is just not a good action star or lead role outside Guardians imo,” while others called him “overplayed.”

However, given the fact that people love watching Star-Lord and Deadpool, we believe many would disagree with these opinions. Which side of the discussion are you on?

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Chris Pratt Doesn’t Want to Do Action Roles Forever

Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation
Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation

In an interview with Good Morning America, looked back on his time at Parks and Recreation where he played the role of Andy Dwyer. He stated that he missed the fun he had while playing the character. Pratt continued that while recently he has been playing a lot of action roles, he doesn’t see himself as one in the long run.

“Andy Dwyer was an example of the clown I sort of created as a youngster… Looking back as Andy Dwyer, I really miss that he was like, super soft in the middle, really fat and funny. It was a lot of fun playing that character. And over the past ten years, with you know, Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World or now even The Tomorrow War, I’ve been in the season of playing action heroes. But I’m hoping in this long book that’ll be my career, this chapter will have a beginning and an end. I don’t know if I always wanna be just the guy who’s the action hero guy.”

Pratt added that while he is blessed to get the opportunities, him being an action hero was surprising to people. He stated that the moment it stops being a surprise, he’ll pack his things and move on from the genre. Do you think the time has come?

Source: Reddit

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