Christopher Nolan And Todd Phillips Have 1 Rare Trait In Common — And It’s Not About Making The Joker Iconic

Even though each created one of the best iconic cinematic interpretations of Joker, there is one other trait that unites Christopher Nolan and Todd Philips.

Christopher Nolan And Todd Phillips Have 1 Rare Trait In Common — And It’s Not About Making The Joker Iconic


  • Christopher Nolan and Todd Philips are filmmakers known for their distinct styles and contributions to the comic book film genre.
  • Both have made iconic versions of the Joker character.
  • However, unlike Zack Snyder, they have no interest in releasing a director's cut of their films.
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Christopher Nolan and Todd Philips are both exceptional filmmakers, each a master of his own game. While both have dabbled with different genres throughout their career, their worlds collided when they dabbled with the comic-book realm, Nolan with The Dark Knight trilogy, and Philips with his Joker movies.

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todd philips and christopher nolan
Todd Philips (via WB YouTube) and Christopher Nolan (via FOX 5 YouTube)

Although both have great distinctions and differentiations in terms of their approach to filmmaking, both played a crucial role in making Joker an iconic character with their unique interpretation. However, that is not the only thing common among them, for Zack Snyder in a recent interview revealed that unlike him, his two contemporaries have no interest or need to have a director’s cut.


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Christopher Nolan And Todd Philips’ Similarity According To Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder (via his X account)
Snyder thinks there is more than one similarity between Nolan and Philips (image via his X account)

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Christopher Nolan, Todd Philips, and Zack Snyder are all talented filmmakers, known to have created some of the most exhilarating cinematic masterpieces. Each with a  distinct style of their own, they do share quite a few similarities, such as their successful run with their comic book-film adaptations. All three have successfully contributed to the DC mythos, creating some of the best cinematic versions of the characters, especially Joker.

While Nolan and Philips are credited with having made their respective Jokers iconic with their unusual filmmaking, Snyder’s Joker was more unhinged and dystopian. However, as per the Man of Steel maker, this is not the only similarity that his contemporaries share.


Here is an expert from Snyder’s recent interview with WIRED, which reveals the one rare common trait that Nolan and Philips share,

Snyder: The way I make the movies now is that I have this concept of the director’s cut. I think nearly every movie I’ve made, except for Man of Steel, has a director’s cut, maybe two director’s cuts. Unlike my friends who make movies—

Name names.

Snyder: Well, like Chris and, I don’t know, maybe Todd Phillips. These are the people that I run into.

While it is true that Snyder is famous for his habit of making often R-rate director’s cut of his work, he also believes that a filmmaker like Nolan doesn’t necessarily need to do the same.


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Snyder Doesn’t Believe Christopher Nolan Needs To Follow His Tradition Of ‘Director’s Cut’

nolan does't need to make diretor's
Nolan doesn’t need to make director’s cut (image via Metro YouTube)

Christopher Nolan is known for his lengthy movies but has never released a director’s cut or even deleted extra scenes. While his Oppenheimer lead Cillian Murphy exclaimed it was probably because of the director’s excellent and clear vision (via Collider), Snyder believes he doesn’t need to for a director’s cut is never mandatory and it is just a tradition he followed thanks to the positive reviews he has received over time (via WIRED).


“Chris doesn’t need to. I have cultivated this other system where I, in a lot of ways with the director’s cut, asked for more than I have any business asking for… It’s been my experience that all the director’s cuts I’ve ever done are considered better movies than the theatrical versions. Critics or whoever, they’re just like, ‘Well, the director’s cut is better.'”

Well if you were to ask Nolan himself, his stance is firm that the theatrical cuts are far better than the director’s cuts unless the director’s creative vision has been compromised (via Happy Sad Confused Podcast). Well, to each his own.


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