“If you’ve been killed by Meeseeks…”: Zack Snyder’s Latest Confession Confirms His Pairing With Henry Cavill Was a Match Made in Heaven That WB Mercilessly Ruined

The mystery behind why Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill went along so well like a match made in heaven is finally unveiled.

“If you’ve been killed by Meeseeks…”: Zack Snyder’s Latest Confession Confirms His Pairing With Henry Cavill Was a Match Made in Heaven That WB Mercilessly Ruined


  • Zack Snyder, known for directing films like Zack Snyder's Justice League, has been praised for his recent work.
  • However, his casting choices have been criticized by some fans due to the influence of James Gunn.
  • Snyder's pairing with Henry Cavill for Superman has been deemed a match made in heaven.
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Zack Snyder has been doing a good job lately of appeasing his audiences with some of the best big-screen works of all time like his all-time superhit fan-favorite film, Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Adding to it are his remarkable casting choices for the film, like bringing in Henry Cavill for Superman and Ben Affleck for Batman. However, his impeccable casting has been torn down to shreds, all thanks to James Gunn.

Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder | X)
Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder | X)

Nonetheless, a recent confession by the filmmaker has only just proved that Snyder’s pairing with Cavill–even if it was for the big screen–was indeed a match made in heaven that Warner Bros. has mercilessly ruined.

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What Makes Zack Snyder And Henry Cavill Alike

Henry Cavill with Zack Snyder (@zacksnyder | Vero)
Henry Cavill with Zack Snyder (@zacksnyder | Vero)

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Everyone knows Zack Snyder‘s filmmaking skills, but who knew he was a nerd too? Turns out, he is, considering the hours he spends binge-playing video games. In fact, his addiction got so much at a point that his wife had to nudge him in the direction of pottery.

As revealed by him during a recent interview with WIRED:


“I was playing too much Fortnite. I’m pretty good at Fortnite, actually. But it was also, you know, 3 in the morning, and my wife is like, ‘Are you seriously playing Fortnite at 3 in the morning against some 12-year-olds?’”

Furthermore, he also shared his skin so that fans could know it might have been him who killed them on Fortnite:

“My skin is Mr. Meeseeks, from Rick and Morty. Anyway, if you’ve been killed by Meeseeks, that could have been Zack Snyder.”

Yet, while his addiction to video games might not be his best quality considering the damage it could bring about to him, that is exactly what binds him closer to his Justice League member, Henry Cavill.

As it turns out, behind the alluring looks and incredibly charming personality, there is actually a nerd in Cavill as well, who loves to binge-play video games for as long as he can. In fact, when Snyder called him up to offer him the role of Superman, Cavill was actually in the middle of a session of World Of Warcraft!


And since one can’t pause World Of Warcraft while playing because it’s a live game, Cavill chose to miss Snyder’s call only to call him back when he was done saving the World Of Warcraft. And that’s when he found out he got the role.

Interestingly enough, when the Justice League filmmaker found out about it, he cracked up at the news and said (as per GQ):

“Haha, that’s awesome! So, he was like, ‘Who the f— is this bothering me? I’m playing World Of Warcraft!’ That’s great. Oh, he’s a nerd. That’s why we get on so well.”

No doubt that was why fans had been absolutely loving Snyder and Cavill’s teaming up!


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Fans Have Some Hilarious Reactions To Zack Snyder’s Revelation

Zack Snyder (@zacksnyder | Vero)
Zack Snyder (@zacksnyder | Vero)

Following his startling revelation of being a major video game geek, fans have been sharing some epically hilarious reactions to this revelation. Taking to X, here’s what some of the fans from the Snyder cult commented:

We don’t know about anything else but Fortnite is getting a lot of Mr. Meeseeks after this for sure!


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