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Christopher Nolan Faces Stiff Competition From ‘Bourne’ And Dune 2 Directors In The James Bond Race

Christopher Nolan Faces Stiff Competition From 'Bourne' And Dune 2 Directors In The James Bond Race

When we talk about accomplished and respected individuals from the film industry, the first things that come to mind are the big stars of Hollywood. But more than them, filmmakers are the ones that are most respected for their craft, and among them, Christopher Nolan has the reputation of being a bona fide genius when it comes to creating an exemplary film.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

And so far, there has been not a single film in his career that hasn’t managed to captivate the audience and give them a cinematic experience, the likes of which they have never seen before. This is one of the few reasons why the 007 franchise, one of the biggest names in Hollywood, is trying to get a hold of him for their films, but it seems like that road will not be an easy one to travel.

Christopher Nolan Faces Competition From Others To Win The 007 Race

Christopher Nolan in a still from the sets of The Dark Knight Rises
Christopher Nolan in a still from the sets of The Dark Knight Rises

Whether it be a psychological thriller or a comic book classic and everything in between, there are no genres that filmmaker Christopher Nolan hasn’t undertaken and created some of the most downright inspiring movies ever seen. Therefore, his excellence and versatility are some of the reasons why he’s one of the most sought-after creators in the industry today. No wonder Barbara Broccoli, the executive producer of the 007 franchise,  has her eyes set on him to create the next bond films in the series.

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In a recent report by industry insider World Of Reel, it was reported that the Interstellar director had sat down to discuss the proposition of him directing the next film in the prestigious 007 series, where he was also seen demanding the complete surrender of the artistic and expressive freedom of the project to him so that he may have ample leg room to work in. But soon enough, these discussions came to an indefinite halt when Broccoli declined the request by the filmmaker. In reports, it was speculated that since the Bond films have a heritage structure to follow, she couldn’t allow it.

Whether Nolan will helm future Bond projects or not is anyone’s guess at the moment, but if he sadly doesn’t, then there are alternatives to his talents. It is being reported that directors like Denis Villeneuve, director of the Dune franchise, as well as Paul Greengrass, the director of three of the five iconic Bourne films, are being considered as the next in line. Both of these filmmakers are distinguished in their craft, especially Greengrass, who executed the films in the Bourne franchise so well that it gave a signal to the 007 series to step up their game.

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What Is Next For The 007 Franchise?

Daniel Craig as James Bond in a still from No Time To Die
Daniel Craig as James Bond in a still from No Time To Die

With speculative reports coming left and right about not only the next actor after Daniel Craig who will inherit the James Bond name but even the directors who will be helming the upcoming projects, it’s clear that Eon Productions is kicking into high gear and boosting the efforts in their search for the next Bond and director of the Bond films.

While Nolan is the fan-favorite choice of the majority, seeing as a long-running franchise has to adhere to some restrictions, it will be very difficult to convince someone as thorough and visionary as the director to come to terms with it.

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Source: World Of Reel

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