Christopher Nolan Is Not the Only Hollywood Legend Who Has Called Zack Snyder’s Box Office Flop an Absolute Masterpiece

5 Celebrities who understand Zack Snyder's Watchmen as true genius

Christopher Nolan Is Not the Only Hollywood Legend Who Has Called Zack Snyder's Box Office Flop an Absolute Masterpiece


  • Zack Snyder is a filmmaker who is renowned for being a visionary and working on themes that many would avoid exploring
  • The director's works have often received appreciation but there was one masterpiece by him that failed to receive the love it deserved - Watchmen
  • But there were some big names, including Christopher Nolan that appreciated it and called it ahead of its time
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Zack Snyder has worked on so many different movies and franchises, building a reputation for himself that puts him on a pedestal for some of the most wonderful directors in Hollywood alongside Christopher Nolan. The way he analyzes films reeks of talent that comes from an artist looking at his canvas. Despite it all, his recent comments have brought to light great controversies that have created conflicted views of him amongst fans.

Zack Snyder's Watchmen
Zack Snyder’s Watchmen

Although not all of his films do well, some stay underappreciated and hidden gems. One such masterpiece just so happens to be Watchmen. Many found it too complicated while critics did not find much praise for it either. In the end, it was an unfortunate flop. However, there were many celebrities who found the beauty hidden within the film.

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is one of the many people who has admitted to finding the light in Watchmen. Zack Snyder’s most underrated hidden gem, which found no success when it was first released caught the eye of none other than the Oppenheimer director.

Christopher Nolan on movie set
Christopher Nolan

“I’ve always believed ‘Watchmen’ was ahead of its time.”

Nolan admitted, via The Hollywood Reporter that the film deserved release after the fame of The Avengers and not before. That was because he felt the vision of the movie was too far ahead of its time. Were it to be released in today’s day and age, it would have been a smashing success.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who starred in the film, admitted that he has no regrets of having done Watchmen. He, much like Nolan, finds the film to be of extraordinary vision and much like a movie that came out way sooner than it should have.

tv's five worst parents
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester

“I’m very proud of that movie,” Morgan stated. “People are still finding it and watching it, and I think it’ll have fans forever. I think it was ahead of its time, and again, I don’t know what else to say other than I’m extremely proud of it. Not long ago, I caught like, the second half…”

Morgan shared via Variety that he is utmostly proud of Zack Snyder‘s work and the efforts that he has put into the film. He admires how there are still fans of the film regardless of how underappreciated it was back when it was first released.


Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson expressed via Cinema Blend’s Podcast, Reel Blend that Watchmen was a film he would do again in a heartbeat. He confirmed, much like everyone else who enjoyed the film, that it held a purpose beyond those who were ready for it.

Patrick Wilson as Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl II in Watchmen
Patrick Wilson as Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl II in Watchmen

“I knew Zack was, he was ahead of the curve. He was, it’s weird to say that audiences weren’t ready for it. But you need a movie like that. You need movies to go so dark that then Avengers can go so light. I love that movie. I’d love to do that movie now. I think that’d be so awesome just to do it now.”

He loves the film very much and would not only be willing to watch it again but hope for other people to watch it too. He stated that it is necessary for some superhero projects to be so dark that other films can balance it out.

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Scott Derrickson

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson also found meaning in Snyder’s Watchmen. He shared on X that the film was a masterpiece that compared to no other. It stood individually as a great film that the director chose to acknowledge with great potential and an even greater outlook.

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David Gibbons

Zack Snyder FandomWire

In an interview with Wired, Watchmen artist David Gibbons himself opened up about how much he had faith in Zack Snyder’s work. He trusted the director with the film and was glad with the way it turned out. He saw passion and enthusiasm within the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director, one that made it clear that the film was going to be a masterpiece no matter what.


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